TikTok Dynamic Photo Filter: How to Use and Best Examples

TikTok Dynamic Photo Filter: How to Use and Best Examples
See your photos take a more lifelike quality with the new Dynamic Photo filter on TikTok. It's quick and easy to use and the results can blow you away. Photo : Solen Feyissa/Unsplash

You can now bring photos to life with TikTok's Dynamic Photo Filter. You may have encountered a similar effect done by the MyHeritage app, animating still images to make the person in the photo blink their eyes and even smile.

What's great about the new TikTok filter is that it's easy to find and use.

The short-format-video social media platform has always provided many popular photos and video effects that its users love.

The fun filters could "tell" you where your soulmate currently is, which Marvel Character you look like, twist you around in an optical effect, or give you superpowers on screen. Whatever idea you can think of for a filter, it could probably be in TikTok already.

Even though TikTok isn't the only app, social or otherwise, offering filters and effects, the rate its solutions are evolving is very impressive, ScreenRant said. With the accessibility of these effects, matched with just how fast trends pop up in the app, there is always a new filter to discover.

Earlier this month, the Disney Filter exploded, turning users' faces into that of a 3D animated character, big eyes and all, HITC noted.

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How Does Tiktok's Dynamic Photo Filter Effect Work?

The Dynamic Photo filter works on any images with a face on it: photos, paintings, posters, newspaper clippings, magazines, even in books, Dexerto explained.

The filter animates the faces in the photo as if they were moving, giving it a lifelike quality. When applied, the effect can make the eyes blink and move. The person in the photo can also be made to smile! It makes them look as if they were a real person in a video than a static photo.

Some TikTokers have used the filter to animate photos of deceased relatives and loved ones. Others have also animated pictures of celebrities that have passed away, like Heath Ledger and David Bowie. Some have even tried the effect on works of art.

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How to Find the Dynamic Photo Filter on Tiktok

Unlike the MyHeritage or CapCut app that requires you to download another app to apply the effect, the Dynamic Photo Filter is found inside the TikTok app, making it easy and convenient to access if you're already using the platform.

To find the effect, open the app and go to the Discover section by tapping on the magnifying glass icon on the bottom of the screen. Search for "Dynamic Photo Filter," and the filter can then be found and applied to an image by tapping on the filter in the Effects tab.

You can also search for the tag #dynamicphoto and open any video with the filter applied, tap on the little card that holds the effect's name, and now you can use it for your photos.

Another way to access the effect is to open the TikTok camera, tap on the Effects icon on the left side of the record button, and then on the Dynamic Photo Filter icon in the Trending section of the page.

It's that easy!

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