5 Jobs That Will Be In-Demand This Decade

5 Jobs That Will Be In-Demand This Decade
Photo : 5 Jobs That Will Be In-Demand This Decade

The pandemic has made a huge impact on almost every facet of life. As businesses and economies bounce back, the job market will also see rapid changes. If you're a job seeker or a student soon to enter college, here are five jobs that are almost certain to be in demand in the upcoming decade: 

1. Registered nurse

Healthcare was at the forefront of the global challenge. Based on recent experience, one of the profiles from the wide range of healthcare jobs that will see a hiring boost is registered nurses (RN). 

Registered nurses handle numerous tasks such as acting as primary caregivers, running tests, providing emotional support, communicating with families, and handling administrative work. It's a challenging job, but it pays well to qualified candidates. Even though the healthcare industry is already using AI-enabled devices to offset demand, RN hiring will increase 15% to 50% in the future.

2. Financial manager

Economies evolve, but the need for professionals who understand finances and can guide businesses and individuals to either save or make most of their assets will always be in high demand. 

As a financial manager, your job will be to analyze the financial structure of a business, iron out the budget, and keep the financial ecosystems stable and safe. Alternatively, the job can also involve making investment strategies, diversifying portfolios, and laying out blueprints for the future. The median salary was over $120,00 in 2020, and it's only projected to grow more. 

3. Cyber security expert

The increased reliance on IT infrastructure means that there are more cyberattacks to detect, mitigate and prevent in a timely manner. Cyber security experts are already one of the most in-demand professionals right now and they will only fetch more money in the future. 

As a cyber security expert, your job will be to protect various aspects of an organization's IT from homegrown and outside threats. It may also cover rolling out cyber security insurance policies, training employees, and analyzing private data. With proper skills and education, you can earn north of $100,00 as a cyber security analyst in the coming years. 

4. Civil engineer

Civil engineers are one of the most in-demand professionals in various countries and in this decade, that demand will go global. Civil engineers offer end-to-end solutions to the dynamic architectural requirements of the future. From analyzing challenges and chalking out blueprints to overseeing design, construction, and maintenance, there are more high-paying jobs for civil engineers than ever. 

5. University professor

One of the most stable, high-paying, and satisfying jobs is that of a university professor. It is an evergreen profession and it will continue to be important, considering every new generation needs the education to thrive in changing societies. Unlike most jobs that require a bachelor's or master's degree, professors are expected to go one step ahead and have a Ph.D. as well, but judging by the job potential, it's a worthwhile investment.

With each new decade, we see the creation of new types of jobs. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and create a solid career for yourself, the above-mentioned jobs will serve you well.

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