iPhone 13 Pro Leaks Tease Portrait Video Mode, Bigger Wireless Charging Coil: Specs, Release Date, More Rumors

iPhone 13 Pro Leaks Tease Portrait Video Mode, Bigger Wireless Charging Coil: Specs, Release Date, More Rumors
The iPhone 13 should be ready for the world in a couple of months. As the release date draws near, more leaks and rumors have popped up to satisfy the fans' curiosity as to what the new iPhone has to offer. Photo : TheRegisti/Unsplash

The iPhone 13 will finally be ready for the public in a few months and as the rumored release date draws nearer, more and more design leaks are popping up.

According to Everything Apple Pro on Youtube, Apple has been zeroing in on leakers, sending their lawyers to try and keep whatever iPhone 13 secrets they still have under wraps. However, that does not stop the likes of Ma Weinbach to dropping more information on the device

iPhone 13 Pro Leaks: Portrait Video Mode, Bigger Wireless Charging Coil, and Other Rumors

The iPhone 13 Max is getting a larger lens compared to the other three in the lineup, and the iPhone Pro will also sport a larger lens that is just half a millimeter smaller.

Weinbach reportedlty confirmed that portrait video mode will be integrated into the native camera application, like how FaceTime for iOS 15 offers the feature. Phone Arena shared that Portrait mode for video will only be available on iPhones and iPads running on Apple's A12 processor or newer. This means iPhone models XS/XR or older will not be able to access this feature despite being able to support the new iOS 15. iPhone SE 2020 users will, fortunately, be able to get this cool new feature at a budget-friendly cost.

On the topic of iPhone cameras, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will be receiving autofocus on the upgraded ultra-wide lens. Users should also expect upgraded low light performance and sensor-shift stabilization to offer crisper and clearer photos even at night.

Another notable change coming for the iPhone 13 is the larger wireless charging coil. Weinbach presumed this is to compensate for the stronger MagSafe magnets.

As Everything Apple Pro noted, from an engineering perspective, it will offer better heat management and perhaps even higher wattage. This means faster charging when opting for a wireless charge. It could also be for reverse wireless charging, 9 to 5 Mac added, although this isn't confirmed. Reverse Wireless charging allows users to charge other Qi devices like your AirPods and Apple Watch by simply placing it on top of the back of your iPhone.

Previous rumors of LiDAR sensors for all models seem to be scrapped and LiDar will be exclusively offered to the Pro models. The one terabyte storage for the iPhone 13 Pro models is also scrapped, with the largest storage still being 512 gigabytes for the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max while the base model and mini will be getting 256 GB maximum.

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iPhone 13 Release Date

No exact release date has been confirmed by Apple, but Cnet might have a good idea as to when the tech giant might host their iPhone 13 release event. Save for the iPhone 12 release date that was pushed back due to the pandemic, the iPhone 12 could follow the same schedule as its predecessors.

Typically, iPhone releases happen in September, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday. The announcement would happen, give or take, a week and a half before that. Releases usually fall on a Friday around the third week of September.

With that, September 8 could be when Apple decides to debut the iPhone 13, and September 17 would be when it would be available for the world.

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