'Marvel's Avengers' Black Panther Update: 'War for Wakanda' Map Locations Revealed!

Marvel's Avengers' Black Panther Update: 'War for Wakanda' Map Locations Revealed!
The 'Marvel's Avengers' Black Panther update is bringing the “War for Wakanda” expansion pack, and it will be available soon! Photo : Juan Torres Padilla/Getty Images

"Marvel's Avengers" is getting a new expansion, and players get a sneak peek of the brand new concept art by Crystal Dynamics. The game's iteration of Wakanda is breathtaking and players will be able to dive into it real soon.

'Marvel's Avengers' Black Panther Update: 'War for Wakanda' Expansion Pack Teaser

The "War for Wakanda" expansion pack concept art showed four "explorable locations of Wakand" which players can access for free when it drops next month, according to Eurogamer.

The developers went on Twitch to join in on the 13th "Updates with the Devs" stream, The Gamer said. The stream allowed the developers to share more in-depth looks at the development of "Marvel's Avengers" separate from the War Tables and weekly blogs.

Along with the four concept arts, an in-game screenshot was released, highlighting a ruined area with a large gap. This could indicate that platforming will play a larger role in this DLC (downloadable content) than previous iterations.

In the stream, the team also mentioned how "every object we could interact with in Marvel's Avengers will have their own look in the War for Wakanda expansion." This includes new Chests and Wall Run platforms. Screenshots that showed off the games' "verticality" was also presented in the stream.

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'War for Wakanda' Map Locations

The four unseen concept images for the expansion pack showed quite a lot of breathtaking views. The one of Black Panther overlooking Wakanda looked incredible with the skyline of the city marrying with the lushness of nature around it. This frame is a similar shot to a clip used in the reveal trailer, The Gamer pointed out.

The second concept art featured the Avengers making their way through the jungle of Wakanda, and if you have played "Marvel's Avengers" before, you would find some familiar-looking platforms similar to that of the other maps in the game that lead to loot. Of course, a large, old statue of a black panter had to be included in the frame as well.

There's also a stunning look at a waterfall within Wakanda's jungles and a large Panther statue. Bright blue markings on the rocks decorate the side of the alcove.

The final concept art the developers revealed features the Avengers once again, heading towards a large pyramid with panther statues all around, of course. The Gamer said these pyramids could possibly act as enemy bases that the team has to infiltrate, similar to how the labs are used in the main game.

The team clearly took great care to gather influence from the "Black Panther" comics to design the monuments and other elements in the expansion pack. They even paid homage to the original hero outfit, Avengers_ACY on Twitter noted.

"Marvel's Avengers" also has a big update that permits its players to team up with others that are using the same Hero, Eurogamer added. Fans greatly appreciated the update. Developers thought to create the big update after players experienced a time-limited mode that permitted the play of multiples of the same Hero during matchmaking, which was well-received by the fans.

Crystal Dynamics will be sharing more about their iteration of Wakanda in the upcoming "Marvel's Avengers" blog post this week.

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