LG PuriCare Mask Update, Specs, Release Date: Built-In Mic and Speakers Recognizes Users When Talking

LG PuriCare Mask Update: Built-In Mic and Speakers, Other Specs, and Release Date
The LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier Mask gets an upgrade and it's to make communicating with a mask easier. Learn more about the LG Puricare mask's new updates and specs as well as when it should be hitting the market. Photo : Michelangelo Buonarroti/ Pexels

LG announced its updated PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier masks and the upgrade comes with built-in microphones and speakers. Find out more about the high-tech face mask that should be launching later this year.

LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier Mask Upgrade Specs

LG first debuted the PuriCare air purifier mask last year July, offering built-in fans to filter the air, as well as replaceable air filters. The updated version of the mask will have a smaller and lighter motor, The Verge reported.

The air purifier mask will also sport new built-in microphones and speakers that amplify the wearer's voice, hopefully limiting the wearer's need to pull down their masks or raise their voice to carry a conversation.

The new technology which LG calls "VoiceON" works by automatically recognizing when users are talking and amplifies their voice through the built-in speakers, India Today said. This will be more convenient for the lister as well, who does not need to strain or lean in to hear every word from an otherwise muffled voice.

The mask will still continue using its "reliable LG DUAL fans," which the company said controls airflow automatically by sensing the user's breathing patterns. The three-speed fans adjust accordingly to assist in the air intake and slow down to reduce resistance when exhaling. The goal is to give a comfortable wearing experience that makes breathing easier and more natural for the user.

The new LG PuriCare mask weighs 94 grams. The built-in battery is 1,000mAh and can be fully recharged in two hours via USB, The Verge noted.

Its sleek, ergonomic design minimizes air leakage around the nose and chin area and creates a tight and comfortable seal. The company also claimed that the mask is comfortable enough to wear for up to eight hours at a time.

The air solution masks also come with a case that helps maintain hygiene between uses, according to India Today. The cases are fitted with UV-LED lights that kill harmful germs and can even charge the mask and sends a notification to the LG ThinQ mobile app to let the wearer know when the filters need to be replaced for peak performance. The mobile app is available to download for Android and iOS through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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New LG PuriCare Mask Release Date

LG has not specified the date of the launch worldwide however it has announced an official launch in Thailand scheduled for August. Availability in other markets should follow once it is approved by local regulators, The Verge said.

The company also noted that the PuriCare Air Purifier Masks were worn by 120 Thai athletes, coaches, and staff for the summer games in Tokyo, India Today added. It is worth noting that LG has not made claims that the mask will protect the wearers against the novel coronavirus in any way. It did hint that this was the case when the first product was announced, The Verge said.

While it is true that some air purifying filters do catch particles that are the size of the COVID-19 virus, but no third-party scientific studies on the LG PuriCare mask ahs been conducted nor has there been a release detailing more about the technology and filters it uses. Thus, efficacy claims cannot be made in this regard.

The World Health Organization as well as local governments still strongly urge people to wear a face mask when going out in public or interacting with people outside of their household. The practice of health and sanitation protocols and social distancing is very much advised along with COVID-19 vaccination to fight against the novel coronavirus.

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