iPhone Battery Draining Fast? Future Apple Phones Could Have Longer Battery Life!

iPhone Battery Draining Fast? Future Apple Phones Could Have Longer Battery Life!
Apple is finding ways to address one demoralizing issue affecting iPhones: battery life. Photo : Benjamin Sow/Unsplash

Apple is finding ways to address one demoralizing issue affecting iPhones: battery life.

According to a report from DigiTimes, the Cupertino, California-based tech giant is set to expand the adoption of integrated passive devices or IPDs, courtesy of suppliers TSMC and Amkor. These IPDs would integrate such multiple passive electronic components as inductors, capacitors, and resistors. Its purpose is to decrease the size of components that will be used in the device.

Expanded IPD Adoption to Address iPhone Battery Draining Issues

The report stated that Apple is looking at significantly increasing the adoption of IPDs for the peripheral chips in its devices. These chips are seen to be slimmer in size and allow for higher performance while taking up lesser space inside the device, allowing for larger batteries.

With the increased usage of IPDs on the upcoming iPhones, more space would be optimized, and as such, increasing battery capacity is an important objective, ScreenRant reported. With longer battery life having the same thermal limits, the iPhone should have enhanced display technology, achieving the leaked 120 Hertz or faster refresh rate. Another potential use for a larger battery capacity is the rumored always-on screen that should need better power delivery.

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Yet another key advantage of IPDs could also make room for better camera technology, another direction Apple is most certainly considering. It is not known, however, when such full usage of IPDs in iPhones shall take effect, but the report expects that the iPhone 13 set for rollout next month should have some of these enhancements.

As such, Tech Radar sees no significant improvement in battery capacity as a result of the increased use of IPDs in the iPhone 13. However, it could signal a marginal upgrade at best. Its full integration might be seen in the next generation of iPhones by next year, or the iPhone 14, and other Apple products to be shipped in 2022.

iPhone Battery Life Has Always Been a Big Deal for Apple Users

Battery life has been a big concern among current iPhone users, with the iOS 14.6 causing severe battery draining problems, affecting device performance at all fronts, aside from getting those irritating low battery notifications. And sadly, iPhones almost always lag behind their Android counterparts in this category, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the OnePlus Nord 2.

It has also been an issue that cut across all of Apple's devices, including MacBooks and iPads, which the increased use IPDs is expected to address

But these woes even spread to Apple Watches, something that the company is also currently trying to solve. The Apple Watch 7 is rumored to have a smaller processor and a larger battery as a marginal upgrade. It comes before the full extent of IPDs are realized and should lead to even more enhanced features, including a dramatic surge in battery capacity.

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