Monsta Infinite Earning Potential: Roadmap, $MONI Token Worth, Gameplay and MORE

Monsta Infinite Earning Potential: Roadmap, $MONI Token Worth, Gameplay and MORE
Developed to have a lower barrier to entry than "Axie Infinity," "Monsta Infinite" is solving problems NFT games have been experiencing since their inception. Here is what you should know about Monsta Infinite. Photo : Vadim Artyukhin/Unsplash

As more and more NFT games pop up in the cryptocurrency market, the games have to set themselves apart to not only be rewarding for their players but to grow successfully as well. Monsta Infinite is a play-to-earn game in people's radars, expected to launch a test version of the game later this year.

It positions itself to be a cheaper alternative to the popular "Axie Infinity." Here is what you should know about Monsta Infinite.

What Is 'Monsta Infinite'? Roadmap and Gameplay

Monsta Infinite is an NFT or play-to-earn game built on the Binance Smart Chain, Crypto Knowmics said. The game is inspired by "Axie Infinity" and players can earn tokens ($MONI) by playing the game. Players have the option to play for leisure or competitively.

Developers of Monsta Infinite discovered different problems rooted in every NFT game and sought to make a difference.

Monsta Infinite acknowledges the play-to-win issue of having dedicated and better-skilled players losing the competition to players that may be richer but have less skill. The game is built to put a stop to the issue, closing the large gap of disparity between the poor and rich player.

The game offers different hierarchies of players, something other games do not offer, and something players appreciate. Players then get to match against other players with the same skill level as they do.

With the potential of overpopulation, "Monsta Infinite" has a proper balancing mechanism to counter the problem. This means weaker pets' values do not crash and liquidity is not tampered with.

In the end, the goal is to make the power of financing on the internet easier to understand and accessible to everyone.

When playing the game, there are these little Monstas that live in Shani. They've been around far longer than dinosaurs but are facing the threat of the Jilaka. Needing some manpower to beat the Jilaka that threaten their peace, the Monstas summoned the Inception Monstas. It is the Inception Monstas that players can collect in the game.

Through gameplay, players can earn Stamen Tellus. The game combines match-three puzzles with a turn-based card battle system and made a competitive game out of it.

On its timeline, it recently completed its whitelisting and should have its gameplay release and strategy on August 27. Alpha Testing will be on November 30, while Beta Testing is scheduled for December 15.

Monsta Infinite is planned to have its game public launch in the first quarter of next year.

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$MONI Monsta Infinite Coin Worth and Earning Potential

$MONI has a cap of 270,000,000 Total Token Supply. One Binance Coin (BNB) converts to 2,400 MONI, Monsta Infinite explained.

The game will hold its first presale on September 8, and a second presale on September 15. Market place launch is scheduled on October 12.

According to Crypto Knowmics, the price for each MONI is $0.15 and the first 400 whitelisted members with a minimum contribution of one BNB will have first dibs.

To earn MONI in the game itself, players can compete in PvP battles and climb up the leaderboards, grabbing prizzes along the way. Players can also farm for the in-game assets that can be sold on exchanges.

Being able to cone Monstas, they can also be sold on the marketplace. Players can also invest in some virtual real estate that can be used for virtual events. Rare, legendary and Inception Monstas also fetch for a high price and so collecting and selling them will allow the player to earn a pretty penny.

Considering the massiv growth current NFT games are experiencing, it is possible that Monsta Infinite will be able to find success in the cryptocurrency space as well, especially with its focus towards evening out the opportunities for player regardless of their wealth.

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