FaceTime for Android: How to Start, Join a FaceTime Call Even Without an iPhone

FaceTime for Android: How to Start, Join a FaceTime Call Even Without an iPhone
Rejoice! Everyone no longer needs an iPhone to join a FaceTime call! Photo : Harry Cunningham/Unsplash

Rejoice! Everyone no longer needs an iPhone to join a FaceTime call!

As reported by the USA Today, users previously need to have an an iPhone, iPad or Mac to be able to hop on a FaceTime call. However, during the latest annual developer conference of Apple, the company announced that Android phones and Windows laptop users can now join a FaceTime call without an iPhone.

Nonetheless, despite the new inclusion system update, Apple devices still play a big part in using FaceTime because it is the new iOS 15 that FaceTime users will rely heavily on.

CNBC reported that the new update of Apple--which allows Android and Windows users to join the Apple ecosystem--is the one ridging the gap between colleagues, friends and family who are not using an iPhone. The availability of this option is a response to the increasing demand connectivity amid the pandemic.

The new update is seen to retain clients and keep consumers from choosing competing video chat apps such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Be that as it may, an Android FaceTime app is not what Apple is launching, per Cnet. Alternatively, it will be using a unique web link that will let users schedule and share FaceTime calls. After a user sends the unique link for the FaceTime call, whether the person is using Android or Windows, they will be allowed to hop on the call. Apple then guaranteed privacy to its users by providing end-to-end encrypted lines.

Nevertheless, the latest and up-to-date version of Microsoft's Edge web browser and Google's Chrome is highly needed to be able to participate in the FaceTime call.

With all the new features rolling out, Apple also announced that people will still be needing an Apple device to start the call.

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Here's How start a FaceTime Call with Windows or Android Users

In order to get FaceTime calls started with those who have Windows or Android devices, Cnet provided a detailed step-by-step guide.

  1. Make sure you are an Apple user and have downloaded the new iOS15

  2. On the iphone, open the FaceTime app

  3. A screen pop up will slide to the bottom that says FaceTime Link.

  4. Click the button "Add Name" to type in the name of the chat

  5. With the same screen, users will then see widgets of options to share the link via twitter, email, calendar, text and other apps that are available on the phone. Another option is to use the link provided to copy and paste.

  6. To be able to join the call, press the name of the chat you created and tap to join.

Windows or Android users must tap the link. It will take them to a waiting room where they can tap the check next to their name for them to be able to join the call with the Apple user.

How to Join a FaceTime Call Using Android or Windows

Using a Windows laptop or an Android phone, users can join in via FaceTime link sent by the caller using an Apple product.

  1. Click the FaceTime link sent

  2. Make sure to have the latest version of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Then the link will just open in the browser.

  3. Enter name and click "Continue."

  4. The person who invited started the call on the other end will approve the request to join the call.

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