Apple Updates: iPhone Receives Map Fix With iOS 15.1 Beta 3, AirPods Get New 'Find My' Feature

Apple Updates: iPhone Receives Map Fix With iOS 15.1 Beta 3, AirPods Get New 'Find My' Feature
Apple has finally fixed iPhone's "Look Around" image quality on its iOS 15.1 Beta 3. Photo : MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP via Getty Images

Apple has finally fixed iPhone's "Look Around" image quality on its iOS 15.1 Beta 3.

Aside from the said update, Apple AirPods also got the "Find My" feature, along with "Conversation Boost." This is designed for AirPods user who has mild hearing challenges to stay connected in conversations, per MacRumors.

Apple iOS 15.1 Beta 3 Updates

Recently, Apple released iOS 15.1, which solved several bugs that iPhone users encounter. Apparently, the released iOS affected Apple Maps' "Look Around" feature. The said feature encountered blurred images and slower responses.

In relation to Apple Maps' "Look Around" feature, the Apple Maps team also announced that a 3D expansion for several cities will be available in the coming months, per 9To5Mac. The said expansion will be available in San Diego, Washington D.C, as well as Philadelphia. Meanwhile, support for Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver will be available next year.

Apart from the "Look Around" feature, 9To5Mac shared some updates discovered on the iOS 15.1 Beta 3. The said update includes Auto Macro Toggle and ProRes Video:

Auto Macro Toggle

This added feature addresses concerns that iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max encountered. In addition to this, cameras on the said device automatically switch to macro mode when it gets closer to the subject. Apple has promised to address this automatic macro mode issue, which is now part of the latest iOS 15.1 Beta 3, per 9To5Mac.

Moreover, users have options to enable and disable the toggle for "Auto Macro." The said option is on the camera setting under the "Settings application."

Keep in mind that enabling "Auto Macro" will automatically use the ultra-wide camera in capturing macro photos and videos. Meanwhile, disabled Auto Macro will give iPhone 13 user manual control.

ProRes Video

Aside from the "Auto Macro" update, "ProRes Video" in Apple's iOS 15.1 Beta 3 is also worth the wait, per MacRumors. This feature captures 1080p 30fps on a device that has 128GB storage capacity. In addition, higher-capacity devices can capture 4k videos.

To use this feature, go to the "Settings app" then select the "Camera option." From the camera, the "Format section" will appear. Under the formats section, toggle "Apple ProRes."

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AirPods 'Find My' Feature

Along with Apple iOS 15.1 Beta 3, AirPods Pro also updated its firmware. The said update includes the "Find My" feature and "Conversation Boost." These are only available on AirPods Pro and Airpod Pro Max models, per Ars Technica.

The "Find My" feature enables users to locate lost AirPods anywhere. It helps users know the last place where it was synced with their iPhone. In addition, lost earphones can be located through other people's iOS devices. It will update the user's "Find My" app once found.

On the other hand, the "Conversation Boost" feature is designed for users who have mild hearing problems. This feature helps users stay connected in conversations. Moreover, it uses beam-forming microphones to boost the volume of the person in front.

How to Enable Conversation Boost

Macrumors has shared the steps of how to enable Conversation Boost on AirPods Pro and Pro Max. Follow these steps on the iPhone or iPad running an OS 15:

1. Start the "Settings app"

2. Click on "Accessibility"

3. Click "Audio/Visual"

4. Tap "Headphone Accommodations".

5. Scroll down then tap "Transparency Mode"

6. Lastly, toggle on "Conversation Boost"

Keep in mind that the said device should be updated to firmware version 4A400.

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