Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Screen Durability an Epic Fail? Users Complain Over Cracking Issue

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Screen Durability an Epic Fail? Users Complain Over Cracking Issue
Several consumers have been giving reviews for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Unfortunately, some consumers stated that their Galaxy Z Flip 3 screen has a cracking issue. Photo : ROBIN UTRECHT/ANP/AFP via Getty Images

Several consumers have been giving their reviews for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Unfortunately, some consumers stated that it has a screen cracking issue.

For this reason, the South Korea-based electronic company has released a video proving that their new Flip phone is indeed durable.

Aside from the cracking issue, there are also other concerns for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 that needs to be addressed.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Cracking Issue and Its Solution

According to 9To5Google, both Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are the first folding smartphones to be water-resistant. They also have a special brush inside of the hinge to keep the device debris-free. However, the Galaxy Z Flip 3's OLED panel concerns some of its users.

Several consumers have reported a cracking LCD issue, with 9To5Google writer Ben Schoon sharing his experience for this matter. According to Schoon, the screen cracking problem is a mysterious issue that happens for no reason.

For more detailed information, Schoon said that he noticed the cracked ultra-thin glass from his device after few days of not using it. In addition to this, he clarified that he did not drop the phone and did not expose it to extreme temperatures. With that said, he is uncertain how the cracked screen issue came to be.

Schoon furthered that the cracking issue did not affect the phone's functionality.

In relation to this, several Flip 3 users are also reporting the same problem.

On the other hand, Schoon also shared some possible solutions that might help consumers if the cracking issue happens to them.

1. Check if the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is still covered by the warranty. The one-year warranty covers defects and other hardware failures.

2. If the device is beyond its warranty period, consumers must go to Samsung outlet or to its Authorized Service Centers to have the screen repair.

3. Samsung Care+ could also help fix the issue. It is a monthly subscription that protects the device against several defects, as well as lowers costs for screen repair.

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3 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Issues

Aside from the cracking problem, there are other issues that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is reportedly encountering. Digital Trends has shared some solutions for these issues.

Overheating Issue

The solution for the overheating issue is to remove the device from its case when in use. Aside from this, consumers can download a temperature monitor app to check is overheating. To download the said app, click this link.

Brightness Adjustment Issue

Samsung has released a software update to fix this issue, but if this problem still occurs, close the volume control window or the brightness window then open it to re-adjust the setting.

Battery Drain

Apart from the mentioned issues, the battery drain is also a noticeable once. To identify the cause of this, head to "Settings," tap "Battery and device care," then choose "Battery."

Samsung has released a video that proves that the said device is durable.

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