PlayStation5 Pro Release Update: Sony Hiring API Graphics Engineer, Is This a Hint for More ‘Multiple Console Generations’ or Improved PS5?

PlayStation5 Pro Release Update: Sony Hiring API Graphics Engineer, Is This a Hint for More ‘Multiple Console Generations’ or Improved PS5?
A job opening at Sony could give a hint that a PlayStation 5 Pro is in the works, as it calls for crafting the "architecture of multiple generations of PlayStation consoles." Photo : Kerde Severin/Unsplash

Is this a hint that Sony is planning early development of the enhanced PlayStation 5 Pro going around in the gaming rumor mill?

A job listing for a new API Rendering Engineer could provide an idea about Sony's plans with the opening in the company's Advanced Technology Group (ATG), which particularly focuses on the Rendering API of the PlayStation 5, Tweak Town reported. As such, the position's goal is to define or redefine the efforts for the PS5's next generation platform. Part of these efforts is strengthening tools needed to boost PS5's high-end performance.

Sony API Engineer Job Listing to Craft 'Multiple Generations' of PlayStation Consoles

Candidates for this new position will vie for an opportunity to contribute to the development of the graphics API used to power PS5 games, including GPU software stack optimization tools to provide genuine high-end experiences, such as ray tracing or native 4K rendering. The job listing also indicates that the API Rendering Engineer will assist in crafting "the architecture of multiple generations of PlayStation consoles."

As the opening is for a PlayStation 5 API engineer, the development could mean that the PS5 Pro is in the works, confirming that Sony is moving forward with its console advancement, Tweak Town added.

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The job listing read that the position is "unique" and "senior" and sits at the "core of PlayStation GPU technology". The chosen candidate would have "colleagues in ATG" that are tasked to develop "rendering and tracing libraries, GPU tools, shader compiler" and would contribute to the "architecture of multiple generations of PlayStation consoles."

The position also involves "coordination with other key hardware and software stakeholders" to provide game developers the ability to "push the boundaries of our platforms."

PS5 Pro Rumors on Release Date, Specs

Rumors revealed that Sony could release the PlayStation 5 Pro in the next few years, offering upgraded hardware, including the AMD Zen 4 System-on-a-Chip (SoC) with upscale GPU and CPU power.

Reports added that a PS5 Pro could even be released as early as 2023, but this is considered unlikely given that the current version, the PS5, has yet to be fully mature and besieged with component shortage that has affected shipments and fulfillment of ever-growing demand for the console. This shortage ranges from the SoC and memory controllers to power management processors.

But a more realistic eventuality is the unveiling of an improved PS5 set for 2022 with a more powerful six-nanometer SoC based on the N6 node, not an actual PS5 Pro. It's a basic PS5 with a smaller SoC, with practically no performance gains as they are technically part of the same node family at TSMC.

Some of the rumored specs of the PS5 Pro include a Zen 4 architecture CPU and RDNA 3 architecture GPU, expected to reach the 8K gaming aspect, which certainly a massive upgrade from the currently fabulous 4K the PS5 provides, The Teal Mango noted.

The PS5 Pro could also offer at least 300-watt thermal design power, virtual reality, and less bulky console design.

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