Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Pros, Cons, and Whats's Best to Use for Your iPhone

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Pros, Cons, and Whats's Best to Use for Your iPhone
The pros and cons of using Google Maps vs Apple Maps. Google Maps has exemplar features that are unique and available to all. However, Apple Maps features are great if you want privacy but, Apple Maps updates are very rare to come by. Photo : OLIVIER DOULIERY / Getty Images

It has always been Google Maps versus Apple Maps in navigation.

For nearly a decade, Google Maps has competed with Apple Maps for the title of the best navigational program.

Google boasted that over a billion people use Google Maps every month, whereas Apple claimed that Apple Maps has touched hundreds of millions of people in 200 countries.

Apple Maps Features

Apple revealed a radically revamped Apple Maps experience a long time ago, but as we all know, the firm isn't really committed to a timely rollout everywhere.

According to Auto Revolution, that is why the new Apple Maps isn't available everywhere, and some people are still using the old version, which has been around for a long time.

If you're wondering what makes the new Apple Maps version so appealing, it all starts with more comprehensive maps and concludes with traffic navigation information, like stop signs and traffic lights locations.

When it comes to the improved imagery, the new maps feature a wealth of information for highways and parking lots, making the navigation procedure much easier for vehicles.

However, as previously said, Apple has been frustratingly sluggish in releasing this revamped version of Apple Maps to customers.

The good news is that the business has allegedly begun testing the upgrade in several regions, and it will soon be available to the whole public.

Meanwhile, the goal of this improved Apple Maps experience is to make the program a better Google Maps rival.

However, despite the fact that Apple Maps is available as a native app for iPhones, many users prefer Google Maps due to the software's extensive feature set, which is what the iPhone maker is is attempting to fight with the new Apple Maps experience, despite the delayed rollout, making the wait for consumers all around the world exceedingly inconvenient.

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Google Maps Features

As reported in Tom's Guide, Google Maps is available on almost every gadget out there in some capacity; Android, Windows, iPhone, Mac, and even Apple's CarPlay are all supported.

Your existing experience with Google Maps will come in handy if you ever find yourself with a new smartphone and in need of directions.

When you log in with your Google account, all of your data, including your trip history and favorite destinations, is instantly synced.

However, the problem is that all of the information Google Maps claims to collect is tied to your personal information. This is the way Google operates. Everything works together to create your timeline and profile.

Interestingly, one feature of Google Maps allows you to add many stops to your itinerary ahead of time, which is not available in Apple Maps and what many users find quite useful.

Furthermore, Google Maps is altering the way it calculates routes in order to prioritize safety and reduce fuel use.

As a result, it will utilize a variety of factors, including real-time traffic data, to find you a route that consumes less fuel and is less likely to cause an accident but does not significantly influence your final ETA.

With that, Google wins by a razor-thin margin, owing to the growing convenience of travel planning.


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