Twitter Spaces Android, iOS Now Available for All! 6 Easy Steps to Host, Schedule Live Video Session

Twitter Spaces Android, iOS Now Available for All! 6 Easy Steps to Host, Schedule Live Video Session
Twitter has officially launched Spaces, a platform inspired by Clubhouse which will host live streams to its followers: Twitter Spaces Android and Twitter Spaces iOS. Photo : Lionel Bonaventure/ Getty Images

Twitter has now made Spaces available to all users, especially for Android and iOS users.

Last year, the Clubhouse-inspired function, which allows users to create audio chat rooms, was released, and only those with more than 600 followers were able to host Spaces at the time.

All users, regardless of their number of followers, can now participate in Twitter discussions. The announcement was made on Twitter's Spaces official Twitter account on Thursday, October 21, with a video that included a little instruction on how to create a Space on smartphones.

Twitter Spaces Android and iOS

Both Android and iOS users may use the functionality, which allows them to start a Space by tapping the new tweet button on the homepage and then selecting the Spaces option from the cluster of dots.

After that, users must give their Space a title and choose a category before they can begin working on it. Users can also schedule their tweets on Twitter Space. To turn on the microphone, users can start a Space.

Twitter Spaces is a feature added to the microblogging platform to compete with Clubhouse, an audio-only social networking platform that gained traction last year.

How Do Spaces Work?

When someone you follow starts or talks in a Space, a Purple bubble will appear at the top of your timeline for as long as the Twitter Spaces Android and Twitter Spaces iOS are live.

You can react with emojis, check out any pinned Tweets, follow along with captions, Tweet or direct message the Space host, or request to speak when you join a Space as a listener.

Twitter launched Spaces in late 2020, at a time when audio-based social networking was gaining ground around the world.

However, it was first confined to iOS users, before being expanded to include Android users in March of this year. Since then, Twitter has been busy adding additional features to Spaces to compete with the Clubhouse app.

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How to host a Space

First off, make a Twitter space for live audio talks. You get to pick the topic, speakers, and mood.

It's all about using the power of the human voice to bring people together. Being a host is a once-in-a-lifetime experience since each Space is unique and you get to help shape it by regulating the public conversation.

Even though all Spaces are open to the public, your presence and activities there are equally open to everyone.

Accounts with protected Tweets, on the other hand, are unable to create a Space. Being the host, users will be visible to everyone else in the Space as well as to those who are following you, those who look into the Space without entering, and developers who use the Twitter API to obtain information about the Space.

However, not everyone can start a Space. The feature can only be created by those who have at least 300 Twitter followers.

On the other hand, anyone in India with a Twitter account can start a Space.

How to start a Space

According to the official Twitter page, here are ways you can start using it:

  1. Tap the new Spaces icon (multiple circles forming a diamond shape) on the far left after long pressing on the Tweet compose on your Home timeline. Or, at the top of your timeline, tap on your profile image.
  2. When you create a new Space, you'll have the choice to name it and start it.
  3. Tap Schedule for later to schedule a Space. Select the date and hour when your Space will be live.
  4. The host can invite listeners to become speakers by tapping on the person's icon and adding speakers, or by tapping on a person's profile image within a Space and adding them as a speaker.
  5. When creating a Space for the first time or later in your device settings, you'll have the option to put on subtitles for all speakers and listeners to see.
  6. The Space will remain active until you terminate it, or until Twitter terminates it if it is deemed to be in violation of Twitter Rules.

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