Twitter 'Remove Followers' Tool: 2 Steps to Use New Feature

Twitter 'Remove Followers' Tool: 2 Steps to Use New Feature
Twitter has created the "Remove Followers" tool that enables users to stop an unwanted follower from reading their tweet. Photo : Leon Neal/Getty Images

Twitter is known as a social media tool that allows people to express and communicate their thoughts online. For this reason, Twitter followers may read whatever a user posts on their account.

Luckily, Twitter has created the "Remove Followers" tool that enables users to stop an unwanted follower from reading their tweet. This is deemed as a better option instead of blocking the said follower.

2 Easy Steps to Use Twitter 'Remove Followers' Tool

According to Engadget, the tool is helpful for those Twitter users who are being subjected to online abuse. Keep in mind that this only works for private accounts and not on public Twitter accounts.

In line with this, Twitter has shared two easy steps to use the feature:

1. Head to the "Followers Tab" on your Twitter profile.

2. Tap the three-dot menu and choose the "Remove this follower" option.

After choosing the "Remove this follower" option, the said unwanted follower will not receive any notification from Twitter and  will be removed permanently from the user's followers list.

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New Twitter Feature to Remove Followers Without Blocking Them

Instead of blocking Twitter users, the "Remove this Followers" feature prevents users to see tweets as well as get updates. In addition to this, exchanged tweets and likes will not be deleted if the user uses this feature. However, this is not the same with blocked users.

The feature should be able to prevent harassments and threats, since blocking such users could lead to retaliation once they found out, per another Engadget report. As mentioned, this feature does not work for public accounts. Unfortunately, it is also only available on web users and not on the application itself.

Aside from it, "Soft Block" works almost the same.

Nerds Chalk defines the "Soft Block" option as a method to moderate unwanted actions of a specific user without removing them from Twitter. This means that the "Soft Block" option serves as a warning for those users. To use this option, head to the profile of the said follower then click the three-dot button, select "Block" then immediately "Unblock" them.

Unfortunately, this method will remove all the interactions users have with the blocked follower including messages, comments, likes, retweets and more. This reason proves that the "Remove this Followers" feature is way better than the "Soft Block" method.

On the other hand, Nerds Chalk clarified that the "Remove this follower" is not a paid feature.

3 Helpful Twitter Tools You Must Know

On a previous report, Twitter is said to be creating tools for a safer social media platform. The tools created are part of Twitter's "social privacy" move

3. Heads Up: Twitter said that it is currently testing a tool that enables users to be informed if a thread could get intense.

2. Archived Tweets: This feature will also be part of Twitter's initiative to have a healthier social media platform. "Archived Tweets" let users hide previous tweets after a certain period, per Fortune.

1. Leaving Conversations: It allows users to leave unwanted public conversations on Twitter. The company plans to  to test this feature before the end of the year.

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