Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Battery Life a Big Problem: 9 Steps to Prevent Battery Drain

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Battery Life a Big Problem: 9 Steps to Prevent Batter Brain
Multiple complaints from users of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 battery life are arising. Samsung then released a guide that users can follow to prevent the sudden battery drain of their Samsung Watch.
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Countless Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 customers have reported experiencing unusual battery drain.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has been dubbed the Android version of Apple's Series 6 wristwatch. However, soon after its release, it began to receive a number of negative reviews.

Many of them criticized Samsung and Google's sloppy collaboration, especially given the device's unstable user interface.

The objective of this article is to compile a comprehensive list of such concerns, as well as possible explanations that provide a viable remedy.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Battery drain was one of the most common complaints the company has received.

While the unreliable UI could be to fault, there are other possibilities. For one, the Samsung GW4 is known to have low battery life shortly after purchase.

It may appear to be another typical scenario at first glance.

However, numerous users have mentioned that setting up accounts and downloading updates during the first few days of use might be difficult.

When a person settles into their daily routine, the watch adapts as well. For some users, timely upgrades were said to solve the problem.

Despite this, the number of those who disagree outnumber those who agree.

With that,  the LTE variants of the smartwatch seem to have the most battery depletion issues. Bluetooth-only devices have few, if any, reports of such issues.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Issues

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Battery life has been hampered by a number of software issues.

Delay notifications or activity reminders that don't work are two of the most typical Galaxy Watch 4 difficulties. Many of the notifications that were delayed were for apps like Gmail or Whatsapp.

When compared to earlier generations of Galaxy Watches, battery life is similarly lacking. As a result, even when the system is not in use, Battery Statistics show a significant level of system drain.

Furthermore, any voice calls will be transferred directly to the smartphone rather than the earphones. Turning Bluetooth off and on is frequently required to reconnect to the earbuds.

Another commonly asked question is about the several Fitness Trackers that the Galaxy Watch 4 uses.

Fitness objectives are frequently hidden, and gaps in measuring one's progress are common. In one instance, the Samsung Health monitor outperformed the Google Fit version by nearly 15%.

Some of the causes are speculative, while others are at least conceivable.

How To Prevent Battery Drain on Smartwatch

According to Samsung, here are 9 ways we can all observe to alleviate the constant Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Battery drain.

  1. Using the Galaxy Wearable app, keep your watch and app software up to date with the newest software version.
  2. Turn off any health-related features on your watch that aren't in use.
  3. Delete any unnecessary storage data and close any background apps.
  4. When your watch isn't in use, turn off the network and Bluetooth connections.
  5. Turn off the watch that is always on.
  6. In Bixby or S Voice, turn off voice wake-up.
  7. In the Galaxy Wearable app, you may customize your notification settings.
  8. Activate the power-saving mode.
  9. Avoid exposing your watch to extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures.


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