Facebook Logo Evolution: How FB's Logo Has Changed Over the Years

Facebook Logo Evolution: How FB's Logo Has Changed Over the Years
Facebook's corporate logo has evolved through the years, representing its business strategy and brand effectiveness. Photo : KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images

With major plans to change its company name that would represent its focus on the building the multiverse, Facebook's corporate logo will definitely make yet another transformation revealing this new name and brand.

Since its establishment, this familiar logo has not really changed a lot, except for some slight alterations. For many years, a blue rectangle with the company name or its first letter in white lowercase has always been the norm.

Originally designed by Eric Olson with further modifications by Joe Kral, under a project led by Cuban Council co-founder Mike Buzzard, the logo had been a custom version of the Klavika font, evolving into Sans-serif, which appears similar to Fact Bold and Nuber Next Heavy fonts. The current logo uses the original Klavika Bold font with some modified contours and a redrawn "a," 100Logos.net revealed.

Changing Facebook Logos: From "Facemash" to 'The Facebook' to 'Facebook'

Many do not know that Facebook started with "Facemash," the original name of the project in 2003. It had a logo with the name written in all-caps white over a maroon background. The platform had then been changed to "The Facebook" the next year with the bracketed solid word "thefacebook" typed in light blue laid on a deep blue background.

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By 2005, the word "The" was removed with the font color changed to white. And for so many years since, the Facebook logo had since carried its familiar triangular shape with white fonts.

It was not until 2015 that Facebook made a slight update to its logo. Its most notable update was the new letter "a" as its other letters also went through subtle changes.

Four years later, the company made a major redesign of its logo, evolving the color palette and switching the composition. Now, the Facebook name is typed in blue font laid on a white background, which exuded freshness and dynamism. The mobile app icon was also modified and swapped with a circular shape, showing a lighter shade of blue. Two versions of the Facebook icon, a flat iteration and a gradient, are also available.

This is the logo users continue to see today when they visit the website or open the mobile app. These changes are merely tweaked versions of the previous iterations, with the differences barely noticeable. Users say that the change is too minor to even notice. The double-storey "a" was switched to a single-storey one, and the original "b" was changed to one with a terminal. Its background color was also tweaked but was too subtle for people to notice.

Evolving Facebook Logo Effectively Exudes Brand Identity

But these changes represented an idea, which became very effective to exude brand identity. The logo design kept up with Facebook's evolving business strategy. The old design was directed at PCs with a fitting pixilation. As mobile devices made a grand influx, Facebook also needed a logo redesign that would cater to a wider range of screen resolutions, given the enormous number of device and screen types.

Such icon design went through significant changes, and became increasingly minimalistic. The first icon was the most complex, having the lowercase "f" with a "wave" on the background placed on a light blue frame. From 2009 to 2013, the faint blue line is evident at the bottom of the "f". At first it was a bar against a dark blue background, but the line was placed lower to have its edge coincide with the edge of the box.

By 2013, that line was removed, as the "f" was placed closer to the bottom of the box. A slight 3D effect is also seen. And since 2019, the white "f" laid on a circular frame with a lighter blue shade has been used.

With the new company came forthcoming, Facebook's new logo design should again represent yet another evolution in its business strategy.

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