What to Do If iPhone Keeps Crashing? 4 Ways to Fix the Annoying Issue

What to Do If iPhone Keeps Crashing? 4 Ways to Fix the Annoying Issue
Apple iPhone users always ask the question “What to Do If iPhone Keeps Crashing? ”This article will explain why your iPhone keeps crashing and how to permanently resolve the issue. Photo : Ming Yeung/ Getty Images

What do you do if your iPhone keeps crashing?

There are multiple reason on why your Apple iPhone is crashing, written below are iPhone crashing fix that could help all of us. When dealing with a crashing iPhone, it's usually the software that's to blame.

Here are simple and easy ways on how to resolve your constantly crashing iPhone.

Restartarting Your iPhone

Firstly, turning your iPhone off and on is one easy approach to address a minor software problem that could be causing your iPhone to crash.

Each of your iPhone's apps and programs can shut down normally, giving them a fresh start when you switch it back on.

To do that, hold the power button down until the slide to power off comes on the screen. To access the slide to power off screen on an iPhone X, XR, XS, or XS Max, press and hold the Volume Down button and the side button at the same time.

Swipe the circular power button from left to right across the display to turn off your iPhone.

Then, press and hold the power button (iPhone 8 and older) or the side button (iPhone X and newer) there until Apple logo appears on the display.

Shortly after, your iPhone will switch back on, as recommended by Apple.

Hard Reset When Your iPhone Froze When It Crashed

Secondly, users will have the need to hard reset theiriPhone instead of shutting it down normally if it froze when it crashed. The hard reset causes your iPhone to abruptly turn off and on.

To hard reset your iPhone, follow these steps:

Press and release the Volume Up button, then press and release the Volume Down button, then press and hold the side button on the iPhone XS, X, and 8. When the Apple logo appears, release the side button.

iPhone 7: Press and hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears.

iPhone SE, 6s, and earlier: Press and hold the Home and Power buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

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Close Out Of Your Apps

According to Payette Forward, another reason why iPhones keep crashing is probably because one of your apps is causing it.

If users leave that app open in the background, it may cause the software to crash repeatedly.

To access the app switcher on your iPhone, double-press the Home button (iPhone 8 and previous) or swipe up from the bottom of the screen to the center (iPhone X and later).

Then, swipe your apps up and off the top of the screen to close them.

If the problem was caused by an app, you might wish to look into crashing iPhone apps. It will assist you in diagnosing and resolving issues with your app or apps that are causing the issue.

Updated iPhone Software

Lastly, it is possible for an iPhone to crash if it is running an outdated version of iOS, the iPhone's operating system.

Go to Settings and tap General -> Software Update to see whether there's a software update available.

If an iOS update is available, tap Download & Install.


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