iPhone Hacks 2021: How to Record a Video While Playing Music on Your Phone

iPhone Hacks 2021: How to Record a Video While Playing Music on Your Phone
A viral TikTok video circulating online shows that Apple users can actually record video while playing music on the iPhone. Photo : Miguel Tomás/UNSPLASH

A viral TikTok video circulating online shows that Apple users can actually record video while playing music on the iPhone.

In addition to this, there are other iPhone hacks that people should know, which include changing the default browser.

iPhone Hacks 2021: How Do I Record Video While Playing Music on iPhone?

For a variety of reasons, Apple likely stops the music as a person prepares to shoot video on an iPhone. Some users may find this scenario convenient since they do not want their music to keep playing while recording a video as well as it also avoids the inevitable copyright issues, per Cult of Mac.

However, this does not eliminate the possibility of simultaneously capturing video and listening to music on an iPhone at the same time.

A well-known TikTok user @frankmcshan posted a video explaining the in-depth process of how to record video while playing music on an iPhone.

  1. iPhone users should head to the "Camera" app then make sure that it is on "Photo" mode.
  2. Once the camera is in the Photo mode, open another app, either Spotify or Apple Music for instance, then start playing any desired music.
  3. If the video is already playing, iPhone users should head back to the "Camera" app.
  4. In the Camera app, the Apple device owner must hold down the shutter button at the bottom of the screen to begin recording the video.
  5. Lastly, iPhone users must either hold down the shutter button or slide it to the right to lock the camera in video recording mode.
 @frankmcshanDid you know about this?  ♬ Life Goes On - Oliver Tree 

Moreover, the captured video will be saved to the iPhone Camera Roll as usual, and when an iPhone user plays it again, Apple device owners will be able to hear the music in the background. To have the best results, people must ensure that the speaker level of the device is turned up and that they are not wearing any headphones

As of writing, the iPhone hack posted has more than 3 million views, about 140,000 reactions, and approximately 1,300 comments.

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3 iPhone Hacks  2021 that Apple Users Must Know

For those who are wondering how they can utilize their iPhone even more, Reader's Digest has shared several iPhone Hacks that Apple device owners should know.

3. Apple users can tag people in group chats

Same with how other messaging apps work, Apple users can also get the attention of someone through the built-in message app.

  1. In the conversation, a person should type the @ icon followed by the name of someone they wish to notify.
  2. After that, Apple owners must use the space bar or add punctuation to bold the person's name and remove the @ symbol.

By doing this, a notification will be sent to the person specified after delivering the message. Additionally, the sent message will not be lost in a long thread.

2. Apple users can change the default web browser

People can set Google Chrome, Firefox, or any other web browser as their default. Similarly, instead of immediately opening Apple Mail to compose a new email, Apple users can now choose another program, like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, as their preferred account.

  1. Users should scroll down to find the browser or email app in the "Settings" option.
  2. After that, they should tap the "Default Browser App" button or "Default Mail App."
  3. Once tapped, they should set the web browser or email app as their default.
  4. Lastly, a prompt will appear confirming the change in the default setting.

1. Apple users can set a timer for their music

iPhone owners who like to doze off to their favorite napping tunes will be happy to know that their phone will now automatically switch off the music.

  1. Head to the clock app.
  2. In the clock app, choose the "Timer" option then press the "Stop Playing" button
  3. Lastly, they should set the timer when to stop the music.

Through this, the phone will turn off the music, either on Apple Music or Spotify.

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