'SpongeBob' Stars Reimagined as 'Squid Game' Characters Is Just Perfect [PHOTOS]

'SpongeBob' Stars Reimagined as 'Squid Game' Characters Is Just Perfect [PHOTOS]
The characters of the Nickelodeon underwater cartoon series "SpongeBob" were reimagined as the cast from the hit South Korean Netflix series "Squid Game." Photo : InspiredImages/PIXABAY

The characters of the Nickelodeon underwater cartoon series "SpongeBob" were reimagined as the cast from the hit South Korean Netflix series "Squid Game."

In relation to this, the "Squid Game" director has recently confirmed the release of Season 2 of the series.

'SpongeBob' Casts as 'Squid Game' Characters

In a Facebook post, it seems that "SpongeBob" has followed the "Squid Game" hype.

Facebook gaming video creator, who goes by the username @GeekyTeacher42, posted a recreation of "SpongeBob" characters into the "Squid Game" casts.

The Nickelodeon main character SpongeBob was imagined acting as the lead character of the "Squid Game." The said lead character joined the survival game to win the prize money and pay his huge debt. Aside from paying the debt, the main reason was to win the custody of his daughter.

On the other hand, Squidward Tentacles looked to be playing characters. The first role is the red guards, which are also known as the workers. For a much detailed background, workers are the individuals wearing red jumpsuits and masks with shapes. Per The Tab, workers are divided into three types, circle masks are common laborers, triangle masks are soldiers, and square masks are supervisors who supervise circle and triangle workers.

Aside from the worker role, Squidward, the handsome version, also played the character of the Front Man. As per Villains Wiki Fandom, the Front Man is the mysterious supervisor of the "Squid Game" as well as the captain of masked workers. The said character also wears a mask, but it does not contain any shapes.

Moreover, Patrick Star was player 199, who is also known as Ali Abdul. He entered the "Squid Game" to support his wife and son.

Surprisingly, player 001, who was revealed in the end to be the man behind the survival game, was imagined to be played by the Mermaid man. The majority of the Facebook users stated that the reimagination of Mermaid man portraying the character of player 001 was so accurate.

Since player 001 as well as Mermaid man is old enough to join the game, 90 percent of the comment reads "My Leg!"--which is the most stated line of Mermaid man in the "SpongeBob" series.

Meanwhile, Ms. Puff was reimagined as player 212, who is the manipulative woman that participated the "Squid Game" in hopes of winning the prize money and helping her with her financial problems.

Furthermore, Sandy the snail was player 067, who was the third-last remaining player of the survival game. Lastly, the salesman in the train was portrayed by the Con Man. 

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'Squid Game' Season 2 Is Happening, Director Confirms

According to NBC News, the "Squid Game" director, creator and writer Hwang Dong-hyuk confirmed that the South Korean Netflix blockbuster will return with new games and adventures.

In an interview video posted by Associated Press, the director stated that the pressure, demands, and love for the survival game left him no choice but to release Season 2.

Despite the confirmation, it is worth noting that there is no specific release date unveiled yet, but late 2022 seems to be a potentially safe bet, per Digital Spy.

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