'Fortnite,' 'Naruto: Shippuden' Collab: Skin Leak, Trailer, and What to Expect From Update

'Fortnite,' 'Naruto: Shippuden' Collab: Skin Leak, Trailer, and What to Expect From Update
Just shortly after the “Fortnite” “Naruto” skin leak, the “Fortnite” and “Naruto” collaboration is now finally here, following a couple of teasers from both “Fortnite” and “Naruto”.
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The much-awaited "Fortnite" and "Naruto" collaboration is finally here, following a couple of teasers from last week.

Gamers will be able to play as characters from the massively popular anime series "Naruto: Shippuden" in Epic Games' hit battle royale starting Tuesday, Nov. 16.

Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Kakashi Hatake are among the four main characters now available in the in-game item shop, along with a Naruto glider, two emotes, and two loading screens.

'Fortnite,' 'Naruto' Skin Leak

Exciting as it may be, "Naruto" skins aren't the only thing coming to Fortnite.

A throwable paper bomb kunai has been introduced to the game as a weapon. Plus, on the "Fortnite" island, players will be able to encounter Kakashi Hatake as an NPC and ask him for missions.

In addition, there will also be a Naruto-themed Creative map modeled on the Hidden Leaf Village from the show that you may explore.

The Verge reported that the "Naruto" takeover is the most recent in a long line of "Fortnite" collaborations with major entertainment franchises.

The addition of the "Star Wars" lightsabers as a weapon and an entire season dedicated to Marvel characters and places were previous hits.

While the current season isn't related to any existing brand, the addition of "Naruto" characters to the battle royale island adds some anime ninja action.

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'Fortnite' 'Naruto' Release

"Fortnite" v18.40 is coming shortly and if the forced catch didn't give it away, this is the one that finally brings "Naruto" to the game.

For what seems like an eternity, Shonen Jump's most beloved ninja has been speculated for "Fortnite," and that launch is finally going to happen.

Here's what you can expect when the new version goes live.

According to PC Games, the downtime for "Fortnite" v18.40 begins on Tuesday, Nov. 16, at 1 a.m. PST / 4 a.m. EST / 9 a.m. GMT. 30 minutes prior to certain times, matchmaking will be disabled.

Downtime normally lasts an hour or two. Fans will then be able to watch the new content once the servers are back up. At the same time, a YouTube premiere of the collaboration will be released.

According to some "Fortnite" and "Naruto" leaks surfacing online, the Naruto skins would be accompanied by a Hidden Leaf Village creative hub.

Some XP adjustments are also included in the update, which may put an end to Creative mode XP farms.

Furthermore, the v18.40 is scheduled to be the season's final major update, and given that Chapter 2 was released almost two years ago, some fans believe Chapter 3 may be released soon.

However, this is all guesswork at this point.

'Naruto'Skin Season 8

As stated by Comicbook, the earliest signs that the anime emblem would be included in the game surfaced in May, as part of presentation documents made public during the Apple vs. Epic Games legal battle.

Following the "Fortnite" and "Naruto" leaks and data mines, it was revealed that the hit anime series will be making an appearance in the game, with data mines containing code names and overt nods to the anime's lore.

In 2019, the game featured an expression that mimicked the infamous "Naruto run."

Given Naruto's popularity, it's not unexpected that cosmetics based on the series may make their way into "Fortnite."

"Naruto" has been one of the best-selling manga series of all time since its debut in 1999. Its global appeal makes it an ideal candidate for "Fortnite" crossovers, and it appears that many fans of the show are keen to check out the skin when it is released.


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