TikTok $92M Lawsuit: File for a Claim and Get a Piece of the Multi-Million Fine, Here's How

TikTok $92M Lawsuit: File for a Claim and Get a Piece of the Multi-Million Fine, Here's How
ByteDance’s company TikTok, which was previously known as Musical.ly, is giving away $92M in a TikTok class action lawsuit. Learn how to file a claim for TikTok lawsuit below.
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ByteDance's hit app TikTok has agreed to pay a fine of $92 million as a result of a TikTok class action lawsuit.

With that, users in the United States may be eligible for a portion of the multi-million class-action lawsuit settlement against TikTok, as well as its sister app, Musical.ly.

TikTok Class Action Lawsuit

If any user were using TikTok or its sister app Musical.ly before September 30, they may be eligible to file a claim on behalf of themselves or minors who used the service with the representation of their parents or guardians.

The District Court for the Northern District of Illinois filed a complaint against TikTok, alleging that the firm violated Illinois' biometric privacy rules by acquiring and exploiting users' personal data without "sufficient notice and consent."

TikTok's Lawsuit Violation

Plaintiffs alleged that the TikTok app infiltrated its users' devices and extracted a broad array of private data, including biometric data and content, which Defendants use to track and profile TikTok users for the purposes of, among other things, ad targeting and profit, according to the settlement agreement filed in February 2021.

Despite the fact that TikTok rejected all of the allegations, the Chinese-owned company ByteDance agreed to resolve the matters on a settlement.

A great result that came out from this is that in June, TikTok amended its privacy policy.

TikTok sent a notification to U.S. users on Monday, November 15, announcing the settlement and providing a link to a website with instructions on how to file a claim.

So, how do you go about applying?

The hit short video app published a settlement notice within the apl, referring users to Tiktokdataprivacysettlement.com, regarding any concern about how to process their claims.

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How To File A Claim For TikTok Lawsuit

Who Can Apply For TikTok Lawsuit Claim?

According to Mashable, anybody using TikTok in the United States before September 30, 2021 is eligible to file a claim.

Anyone who used the app or created films in it within Illinois before that date is also eligible. If users fall into the latter category, users may be eligible for a six-fold increase in their payments.

This is due to the fact that certain claims in the case are only applicable to Illinois residents.

In the case of minors, their parents or guardians can register on their behalf.

When Can Users Apply To TikTok?

According to court documents, to claim the TikTok settlement, users must be able to submit a claim form by March 1, 2022. So, there's still enough time for users to register for the ByteDance compensation.

Furthermore, on May 18, 2022, a final approval hearing will be held, and payments will not be made until that time.

How Do Users Claim Their Compensation?

First, users must submit a legitimate claim form if they are eligible.

Users can apply for a by completing out this online form or mailing it in - users can print the claim form here.

If a user applying to the claims is a minor, the parent or guardian assisting the claim is required to provide proof and basic information for the child and themselves.

Users' TikTok usernames and payment selections, such as PayPal, Venmo, a virtual prepaid card, or an actual check, are all stored here.


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