'Genshin Impact' x KFC: Here's How Travellers Can Unlock the New KFC Glider

'Genshin Impact' x KFC: Here's How Travellers Can Unlock the New KFC Glider
The “Genshin Impact” was previously only available in China, however, the “Genshin Impact” x KFC collab will make it available for everyone. The glider was inspired by the KFC logo. Photo : Yuichi Yamazaki / Getty Images

The "Genshin Impact" x KFC collab glider has returned, and this time it's only available digitally.

The Wings of Feasting glider was created with the KFC logo in mind and features the same famous colors as Colonel Sanders himself.

This premium glider was previously only available to "Genshin Impact" players in China, but thanks to a Twitch TV promotion, it's now available to everyone else.

The way the promotion was handled in China caused some criticism, as players had to wait in large lines outside of KFC stores to get their hands on unique goodies.

Nevertheless, the process is considerably simpler for gamers all around the world because you may get the wings right from your online browser.

Release Date of 'Genshin Impact' x KFC Glider

As incorporated by miHoYo, users can get the Wings of Feasting by supporting particular content creators on Twitch.TV, which will save the user a trip to your local KFC. .

There are a few conditions to be aware of ahead of time, however, the procedure is much simpler than it was the last time.

To unlock the KFC glider in Genshin Impact, you'll need the following items.

The Twitch event for the Adventurers' Guild starts on November 25 and runs until December 8. Users won't be able to use the Wings of Feasting until the event starts.

How To Unlock The KFC Glider

The Adventurers' Guild on Twitch event's main objective is to assist "Genshin Impact "streamers, thus you'll need a Twitch account with a payment card.

It's vital to note that you must support Mihoyo-approved broadcasters the names of these streamers haven't been published yet, but we'll find out closer to the event.

According to PC Games, users must pay 2 months of Tier 1 subscriptions to a streamer's channel after you've selected one you wish to support.

Subscribing to two eligible Twitch streamers separately or donating two Tier 1 memberships to the same channel are also options. Supporting a qualified channel with a Tier 2 or Tier 3 subscription is another option, however, it is more expensive than the Tier 1 option.

Keep in mind the limitations and conditions listed on the event information page; some of them may prevent you from claiming the KFC glider.

Users can't utilize your free Amazon Prime membership to claim the prize, and your gift memberships can't be anonymous or they won't count.

Recurring subscribers, as well as streams participating in the event, are not eligible for the prize.

Redeeming The KFC Glider Code in Genshin Impact

Users should receive a redemption code after successfully subscribing to the qualified streamers. In "Genshin Impact", the Adventurers' Guild on Twitch code entitles you to the following items:

  • Feasting Wings are a type of wing that may be used to eat

  • Mora 30,000

  • Parcels of Jade

  • Ramen with two tonkotsu broths

  • Matsutake mushrooms, sautéed

This voucher may only be redeemed if your account has attained Adventure Rank 10 or higher. Try to use the code as soon as possible because it will expire one week after the event, giving you until December 15 to redeem the KFC glider.

Users can fly through the air with the brand new KFC glider in "Genshin Impact,"  butif you've subscribed to your favorite eligible Twitch streams.

Only time will tell how these characters fare on the "Genshin Impact" tier ranking.


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