Apple Watch 8 Leak Reveals Just 1 Minor Design Change; But New Color Teased!

Apple Watch 8 Leak Reveals Just 1 Minor Design Change; But New Color Teased!
Several Apple Watch 8 leaks and rumors are circulating online, with the latest one highlighting its alleged design. Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Several Apple Watch 8 leaks and rumors are circulating online, with the latest one highlighting its alleged design.

However, the leak will disappoint some Apple customers since it only has one minor design change. There is also reportedly a new color variant, but there isn't much upgrade when it comes to the exterior.

Apple Watch 8 Leak Design Change

Twitter user @leaksapplepro, a well-known Apple leaker, revealed the alleged Apple Watch 8 design in a post. The said Twitter post reads, "Told you it was disappointing," with an attached photo of the rumored design.

To provide further details on the Apple Watch 8 leaked design, iDropNews stated that the only noticeable change is that it converts from a single long speaker grille to two. With that, it may be disappointing news for the majority of people who are expecting a brand new look.

While these revelations indicate that Apple is reusing an old design for its next-generation Apple Watch, rumors suggest that the Cupertino-based technology company will compensate by adding new features, per Dev Discourse.

With that being stated, it is worth noting that there is still a long way to go before Apple unveils Apple Watch 8. Additionally, it will be interesting to see if the tech giant surprises everyone with various designs at their event, as it did with the Watch Series 7.

For background information, Apple Watch Series 7 was rumored to have flat edges rather than the curved ones shown on previous models. However, those forecasts turned out to be incorrect.

Obviously based on the latest rumors, it appears that the flat design will not make a debut next year either, per Tech Radar. This only means that it is likely possible that the rumors were just inaccurate.

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Apple Watch 8 Colors

Despite the rumored minor design change, other leaks are also circulating with regards to the Apple Watch 8's color availability.

According to the tipster at iDropNews, the Apple Watch 8 will be offered in a light green hue similar to the iPad Air's available color. Aside from the light green color, there is also a possibility that the new watch series will be offered with the same color variants of the Apple Watch 7 such as blue, midnight, starlight, green and red.

3 Apple Watch 8 Features

According to Life Wire, the following are some features that people are looking forward to seeing from the upcoming Apple Watch. These may go hand in hand with the features that any new hardware should have, such as longer battery life, larger or better displays and an improved operating system (watchOS 9).

3. Temperature Reader

Since measuring a body temperature has become an essential part of COVID-19 detection, Bloomberg reported that a built-in body temperature sensor would fit well with Apple Watch's health and wellness model.

2. Blood Glucose Tracking Feature

Whether a person is diabetic or simply wants to check this factor of their health, blood sugar testing straight from an Apple Watch without a supplementary device would be important. It is unclear whether a recent Apple patent refers to blood glucose monitoring directly, but it did reference a "system for measuring a concentration of a material."

However, as useful as glucose monitoring would be, idownloadblog stated consumers may have to wait many years to get it.

1. Crash Detection

As we all know, the Apple Watch Series already has fall detection that has been beneficial for several people. Life Wire added that the Apple Watch 8 should contain an update that will do the same for vehicle accidents.

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