Apple Watch Series 7 Teardown Shows the Smartwatch is Basically Its Predecessor With Just a Few Tweaks

Apple Watch Series 7 Teardown Shows the Smartwatch is Basically Its Predecessor With Just a Few Tweaks
The Apple Watch Series 7 was just released during the recent Apple Unleashed event. The smartwatch underwent an Apple Watch Series 7 teardown which showed that there is only a slight difference between Series 6 and Series 7. Photo : Feline Lim/ Getty Images

Considering Apple's presentation this week and the impending release of new MacBook Pro models, it's easy to forget that the Apple Watch Series 7 was released only a week ago.

iFixit, on the other hand, hasn't forgotten and has performed one of its customary teardowns of Apple's latest device.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is the company's latest smartwatch, and it starts at $399.

It has a larger always-on Retina display, a more rounded shape with a larger case, greater durability, and faster charging.

The Apple Watch Series 7 does not have a radical new design with flat sides. Instead, it's the kind of release that teardowns are meant for: full of mysteries that only an Apple developer could properly explain.

Apple Watch Series 7 Teardown

According to iFixit, the tech teardown of the Apple watch features both the 41 and 45mm versions of the watch, and it unveils some secrets we weren't previously aware of.

To get inside the Apple Watch Series 7, the larger smartwatch screens aided the experts in this endeavor.

For the first time, a regular suction handle was used to keep a firm grasp on the screen, allowing them to carefully elevate it until there's enough area beneath the bezel to slide a pick below. To weaken the glue, they heated the display, broiling it face-down on a heating mat at 80° C.

IAs fans know, the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 has a 1.189Wh battery (309 mAh), which is 1.6% more than the 44mm Series 6's 1.17Wh battery. The 1.094Wh battery in the 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 is up 6.8% from the 1.024Wh battery in the previous-generation 40mm device.

These batteries are slightly larger, but iFixit believes this is due to the new, brighter displays rather than an increase in battery life.

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Apple Watch Series 7

The individual components of the Apple Watch Series 7 are similar to those of the Series 6. However, there are a few minor alterations, such as the removal of a bracket that previously held the diagnostic port.

As reported by Macrumors, Apple has marketed the Series 7 as having IP6X dust protection, which prior models may have possessed as well, but Apple did not conduct the exact test required for certification.

Nevertheless, several new ingress-protection features, such as a mesh covering the speaker grille, have been included.

The elimination of the diagnostic port might have helped with dust resistance, and it also freed up some space on the inside.

For the breakdown, the iFixit teamed up with former Apple engineers who now work at Instrumental, providing more insight into why the Apple Watch may have faced delays prior to its October launch.

The Apple Watch Series 7 contains new display technology, according to iFixit, which was likely a major pain to manufacture at volume, especially with the world stil trying to get back on its feet due to the pandemic.

The next Apple Watch appears to include a touch-integrated OLED panel, which is also found in the iPhone 13, or an on-cell touch.

Apple is also employing only one flex cable for the display, rather than two, which iFixit claims are a significant shift.

Furthermore, every disassembly comes with a repair score, and Series 7 received a 6 out of 10 for its efforts. The display and Taptic Engine swaps, as well as changing the battery, performed well in iFixit's testing.


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