'Squid Game' in Real Life: 456 People Compete for $456,000 in MrBeast's Viral Video

'Squid Game' in Real Life: 456 People Compete for $456,000 in MrBeast's Viral Video
After recreating the hit South Korean Netflix series "Squid Game" on Minecraft, MrBeast has brought "Squid Game" in real life. Photo : Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Netflix

After recreating the hit South Korean Netflix series "Squid Game" on Minecraft, MrBeast has brought "Squid Game" in real life. 

MrBeast Recreates 'Squid Game' in Real Life

Before bringing the series into reality, popular YouTuber MrBeast shared several glimpses and teasers on his social media accounts to provide fans hints of what to expect in the said adaptation.

With regards to the players, there were 456 participants on MrBeast's "Squid Game," which is the same number of players from the said series. In addition to this, the last man standing from the 456 players would win the prize of $456,000.

In the said video, it showed that MrBeast recreated every single set and challenge from "Squid Game." For what it's worth, though, no killing happened. Players were simply elimated.

Red Light, Green Light

Same with the game arrangement from the series, participants played the red light green light game first in which they only have 30 minutes to cross the red line on the other side of the room. However, the "Squid Game" adaptation is different from the original series.

In the original series, the doll will have to turn its back from the participants, which is an indication of green light and face them for a red light. Meanwhile, in MrBeast's version of "Squid Game," he stated the phrases red light and green light.

For those who are curious regarding its detection, all participants have a device strapped on them, and if any motion was detected it will pop right away.

After about 27 minutes, 100 participants were eliminated from the red light green light game. 

From 456 players, only 232 participants survived the first game.

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The second game that participants played was carving out a shape from the honeycomb. Additionally, everyone was given a needle and a cookie with a different shape on it, which they should carve out within 10 minutes. Same with what the "Squid Game" series did, participants who broke the cookie will be eliminated.

Furthermore, a lighter was dropped by a red guard. This is different from the series, though, since participant 212 was the one who dropped the lighter to help player 101.

Surprising the players, all the eliminated participants in the honeycomb game went home with $2,000 cash.

From 232 participants, the number has downsized to 142 players.

Moreover, MrBeast offered $4,000 cash for everyone who would not be proceeding to the next round and 22 of them chose not to participate in the next game.


The third game was the tug-of-war, and the remaining players were divided into 10 groups and only 60 participants survived the said game.

Marble Game

Right after the tug-of-war, the remaining participants played the marble game. However, they were not the ones who chose their partner, but MrBeast's team did--opting to select those people who are close or have developed a friendship in the set.

After playing the marble game, only 30 participants were left.

To decrease the number of participants, the remaining players played ddakji in which the first 16 players who flipped their red tile moves on to the glass bridge game.

Glass Bridge

In the glass bridge game, players only have 15 minutes to move on to the next round. From 16 players, only six players survived.

Musical Chairs?!

After the glass bridge game, the remaining six players played musical chairs. They did not do the Squid Game since they are not familiar with it.

In the end, only players 330 and 079 were left.

Finally, player 079 won the game and he got the $456,000 prize.

MrBeast Spends $2 Million to Bring 'Squid Game' in Real Life

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, said in the video that $3.5 million was spent for the "Squid Game" real-life adaption. Additionally, it was partially sponsored by the video game "Brawl Stars," per Insider.

To give much clarity, Donaldson spent around $2 million to build and produce the set, while he spent $1.5 million for the prizes.

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