'Pokemon GO' in Limelight After LAPD Cops Get Fired; Plus What to Expect This Week

'Pokemon GO' in Limelight After LAPD Cops Get Fired; Plus What to Expect This Week
LAPD Cops was dismissed after playing ‘Pokemon Go’ instead of responding to a robbery. Written below are some of the things to look forward to in Pokemon Go this week. Photo : BEHROUZ MEHRI / Getty Images

''Pokemon Go" was the reason why two Los Angeles Police District Officers got fired after chasing a Snorlax instead of assisting in the arrest of a robbery suspect at a local mall.

Former LAPD officers Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell were on foot beat patrol on April 15, 2017, when a heist at the Macy's at Crenshaw Mall occurred, as detailed in court filings.

Police in the area were dispatched, and some, such as a team on the way to a homicide crime scene, rushed over to the mall.

LAPD Cops Getting Fired

Police officers Lozano and Mitchell were called to help with the response team, however, the officers initially disregarded the call before responding with a simple "no" when prompted.

According to the investigation done during the incident, they purposefully failed to respond to the robbery call and attempted to conceal the truth by claiming to be somewhere other than where they were.

With thorough investigation, the LAPD found they were playing "Pokemon GO" on the day of the crime after listening to the audio in Lozano and Mitchell's patrol cruiser.

According to IGN, it was discovered that they returned to a 7-Eleven to end their watch after successfully catching the Togetic after Lozano "buried and ultra-balled" it.

Furthermore, they would then lie about playing the game, claiming they were merely having a talk about "Pokemon GO" and taking an image of the Pokemon using a tracking app.

Unfortunately, the officers were dismissed after being charged with many charges of on-duty misconduct.

The police officers claimed they were unaware their talks were being recorded and that their statements claimed "private," but the court denied their appeal recently on Jan. 7.

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'Pokemon Go' this Week

In related news, 2022 has arrived and it is bringing new adventure and excitement to "Pokemon Go" fans.

The Season of Heritage continues this January, which means there will be new activities and events to look forward to.

  • Mountains of Power

According to The Gamer, Mountains of Power is the next planned event that is part of the Season of Heritage.

This will start from 10 a.m. on January 7 to 8 p.m. on January 14.

Niantic hasn't revealed any official information regarding this, however, players do know that this incident is linked to Professor Willow's attempt to access a secret door.

The occasion has something to do with topography akin to that of Johto and Sinnoh's highlands.

These two areas are mountainous in general, but they also have notably named mountains, such as Mt. Silver, Mt. Mortar, and Mt. Coronet, all of which are in Johto.

  • The Season of Heritage Continues

According to Go Hub, the Heritage Season lasts three months: December, January, and February.

This month is the second half of the overall event, and Team Instinct Leader Spark is in charge of it.

Spark's portion, like Blanche's in December, will incorporate a new Timed Research challenge.

Players will have to earn XP by catching Pokemon this time.

The challenge leads to rare Pokemon encounters, such as Togetic, Goomy, and Cranidos, as well as a variety of items and other rewards.

In addition to that, players will receive the Goomy Hat avatar item if they complete the entire challenge and earn 240,000 XP.

Trainers who have purchased their Johto Tour tickets in advance are eligible for this challenge.

The Season of Heritage Continues from December 1 to March 1.

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