NASA Rover’s Search for Life on Mars Allegedly Lead to Discovery of Frog-Like Rocks on Red Planet?

NASA Rover’s Search for Life on Mars Allegedly Lead to Discovery of Frogs on Red Planet?
Perseverance, the NASA rover, has discovered not just partially buried skeletons, but also animals sights that shouldn’t be there. Photo : Handout/ Getty Images

NASA rover, Perseverance, has discovered an animal on Mars. The rover launched in Florida lat July 30, 2020. 

Perseverance sky-rocketed amid the coronavirus pandemic has made historic progress and proved its massive significance on space, worth further exploring. 

It has been exploring Jezero Crater on Mars since its arrival in the crater on February 18, 2021. According to EarthSky Organization, from the first 10 months of its visit to this ancient lakebed, the Jezero Crater, scientists have already found interesting discoveries. 

With that, the scientists announced some surprising new discoveries last month (Dec. 15, 2021).

It is undeniable that Perseverance's new discoveries are assisting with answering some critical concerns regarding the region.

As data provided by the rover has been analyzed by scientists, it was discovered that the crater has an ancient river delta which is still visible to this day, and that the crater once held a lake. 

NASA's Rover Perseverance on Jezero Crate

As reported by NASA Mars Exploration Program, the Perseverance rover has spent the ten months since its arrival on the Jezero Crater floor examining two very different geologic units. 

It was able to access the Sétah geologic unit in October 2021 after investigating and taking its first two samples from the Crater Floor geologic unit.

To understand the relationship between these unique geologic units and their place in the geologic history of Jezero, the NASA rover needs to spend an extensive amount of time discovering and exploring Séítah, and it did. 

The rover examined the place for months and was able to analyze multiple outcrops. The data gathered through that exploration allowed NASA's scientists to grasp and understand the relationship between these unique geologic sites. 

NASA Exploration in Mars 

NASA's rover is on a mission not just for exploration of the red planet but to gather data in any signs where a living life can be formed. NASA's rover is now orbiting Mars and has revealed not only scientifically significant information such as the presence of water on Mars and the history of the Jessero crater landing site.

In addition, it exceeded the expectations set as it discovered places and also mysterious animals on Mars.    

Perseverance surprisingly discovers and continuously captures things that aren't expected by scientists to be there.

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NASA Rover Discoveries 

Aside from the strange and creepy discovery of a partially buried skeleton taken by Perseverance on Mars, it also discovered a frog. 

In October 2021 the "Picture of the Week" published by NASA shows a frog sitting in the middle of the red surface of Mars.

It was reported by Nintendo Power that the rover has found the presence of a frog on Mars. It is, however, in a rock formation.

It will be thrilling to discover a frog on Mars that has been hunting for life for years. The reported frog is actually a stone creation in the shape of a frog. It was from the left Mastcam-Z, the rover's "head" was photographed.

Unfortunately, even if there is a frog discovered on Mars, it is still not a sign of life.

Researchers are positively expecting great discoveries and data for the Mars missions to be conducted in the future, even if it has not been that successful in its original plan on looking for signs of life on Mars. 

Scientists are looking forward to the day that the missions done on Mars would also bring rock and soil samples that could help them further analyze the nature of the planet. 

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