Microsoft Woke Feature Launching For Appropriation, Inclusivity of Word Choices Like Whitewash, Blacklist and More!

MS Woke Filter: Microsoft Launching A Feature For Appropriation, Inclusivity of Word Choices Like Whitewash, Blacklist and More!
Microsoft recently launched a product through Microsoft Word which can be used by users to utilize better word choices. MS Woke will take into consideration gender-specific language, age bias, cultural prejudice, and sexual orientation bias. Photo : Spencer Platt/ Getty Images

Microsoft has launched a new political correctness feature for the users. It intends to assist users in using more 'inclusive' language by identifying words or phrases that may offend others.

The MS Woke feature is now available in Microsoft Word and several Microsoft web-based programs.

Through recommending gender-neutral variants of common words and phrases, the new MS feature aims to minimize users' potential bias across different fields. The feature also advises altering 'headmaster' to 'principal, 'master' to 'expert,' and 'manpower' to 'workforce,' among other things.

Rebel News reported that the initiative taken by the internet giant to include woke language into the lexicon of millions of users via its popular word processor is part of Microsoft's greater drive to embrace the woke ideology of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

How does MS Woke work?

As reported by Mail Plus, as the user is writing through Microsoft programs, the MS Woke will show purple lines which will highlight the words perceived as biased. The gender-specific language, age bias, cultural prejudice, sexual orientation bias, and socioeconomic position will be taken into consideration through this feature.

After it identifies the problematic or offensive texts, the MS Woke feature offers the users alternative neutral and non-offensive words.

The Microsoft Woke feature works like any other grammar checker or word processor. It can be found in the Microsoft Word menu called "grammar and refinements". It contains lists of the kinds of biases it will check in your words.

These include the following:

  • Age bias

  • Cultural bias

  • Ethnic slurs

  • Gender bias

  • Gender-Neutral Pronouns

  • Gender-Specific Language

  • Racial Bias

  • Sexual Orientation Bias

  • Socioeconomic Bias

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The Disadvantage of MS Woke Filter

The disadvantage of MS Woke is its tendency to change the meaning of statements. Some of the most well-known speeches, phrases, and songs may lose part of their intent and impact as a result of Microsoft's new Woke feature.

The protagonist Lola in Barry Manilow's classic song "Copacabana" would now have to be referred to as a performing artist rather than a showgirl and in Mrs. Robinson, Simon and Garfunkel's classic track would also need to be changed to a more politically correct Ms. Robinson.

How To Turn On and Turn off the MS Woke Filter

As reported by Daily Mail, the feature, like the software's spelling and grammar checker, can be turned off and on. By default, the "inclusivity" checker is disabled.

  • To control the Woke feature, navigate in the Review Section. In the Editor tab of Microsoft Word under proofing, click "grammar and refinements".

  • To turn ON, under the "inclusivity" option, the users can check or uncheck the boxes with specific topics which include the following:

    • Age bias

    • Cultural bias

    • Ethnic slurs

    • Gender bias

    • Gender-specific language

    • Racial bias

    • Sexual orientation bias

  • To turn OFF, under the "inclusivity" option, can choose to uncheck all the specific topics or only the ones that the users want to exclude in the MS Woke feature.

  • After checking or unchecking the boxes, click "OK". Then, the desired settings will automatically be saved and applied in the user's Microsoft Word.

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