BlackBerry Z10 price reduced to $0 on Best Buy

If you are looking to buy a new BlackBerry Z10, then you can get the AT&T version for $0 (that's right for free!) on a two-year contract from Best Buy.

BlackBerry launched the much-awaited BlackBerry 10 operating system (OS) in January this year and also revealed the BlackBerry Z10, which became the first handset to run on the latest OS.

The BlackBerry Z10 was launched in the U.S. in March this year and initially sported a price tag of $199.99. Recently, the Verizon version of the handset received a price reduction and was retailing for $49 on Best Buy. Now the handset is up for grabs for free in just six months of its launch in the country.

Some reports indicated that sales of BlackBerry Z10 are not meeting the company's expectations due to the high return rate. However, the company rejected the reports and also released an official statement to confirm that the same.

"Sales of the BlackBerry Z10 are meeting expectations and the data we have collected from our retail and carrier partners demonstrates that customers are satisfied with their devices," said BlackBerry President and CEO Thorsten Heins. "Return rate statistics show that we are at or below our forecasts and right in line with the industry.  To suggest otherwise is either a gross misreading of the data or a willful manipulation. Such a conclusion is absolutely without basis and BlackBerry will not leave it unchallenged."

The BlackBerry Z10 features high-end specifications and was one of the first top-end smartphones to launch this year. The all-touch smartphone has attracted the attention of many smartphone enthusiasts.

Many top-end smartphones have launched after the BlackBerry Z10, which includes the Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 1020 and more. With the launch of other top-end smartphones many customers would have got diverted from the BlackBerry Z10. Over time, price of handsets reduce; however, it may also be that yet another BlackBerry all-touch device will make its way to the smartphone space.

We don't know if the price reduction on the BlackBerry Z10 is for a limited period. If you want to buy the handset then visit Best Buy.

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