Nokia Lumia 520 to get Amber update within 48 hours in Canada

As Nokia continues to push out the Amber update, it seems Nokia Lumia 520 owners in Canada are next in line to get the much-awaited update, possibly in the next two days.

According to new reports, the Lumia 520 is set to get the Amber update on all Canadian carriers, as the Nokia support page lists it as "coming soon." This basically means that the software update has been approved and is undergoing final tweaks.

"When the software update is 'waiting for approval', it is still being processed in the final testing. 'Coming soon' is better for you, as we then already have approved the software and are doing just the final tweaks before releasing it," explains Nokia.

Additionally, WPCentral also claims that Nokia and Canadian carriers are now in the final stages of testing and the update could be pushed out in the next couple of days.

"Looking at Nokia's support page, we can see updates for the Lumia 520 on Chatr Wireless, Koodoo, PC Mobile, Rogers and Telus have all switched from 'Waiting for approval' to 'Coming soon'. That means last minute preparations and the updates should flow within the next 24 to 48 hours," explains the publication.

On the other hand, the Nokia support page lists the update for the Lumia 620 as "Waiting for approval" for Koodo.

Nokia's Amber update builds on Microsoft's GDR2 update and brings a number of new features and enhancements, including flip to silence feature, FM radio, Nokia Smart camera app and more.

In end-August, Nokia had advised customers to "be patient" as the Amber update was on its way and would be rolled out to all WP8 phones by end of this month.

"To ensure the software update meets our quality standards, we're running multiple tests with various country variants and operators. We make the updates available to you as soon as we complete testing. With Lumia Amber we expect to have the update arriving in all Lumia Windows Phone 8 phones by the end of September. Be patient - it's coming!" noted the Nokia Conversations blog at the time.

With the mid-range Lumia 520 set to get the Amber update soon, Canadian owners of the device apparently don't have much longer to wait.

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