Microsoft Windows 10 consumer preview – Here’s where to watch the live stream

Microsoft is holding its special Windows 10 event today, Jan. 21, and will be live streaming the whole thing for those who'd like to watch but can't attend.

Windows 10 is shaping up as the biggest update to grace Microsoft's operating system in years. The company tried to spice things up with Windows 8, but those changes were not very well received and that version of the OS received great criticism.

Microsoft patched things up to some extent with its subsequent Windows 8.1, addressing some of the issues users complained about in Windows 8, but the new version still failed to see the wide adoption it likely hoped for.

With the new Windows 10, Microsoft has big plans on all fronts. The company unveiled its latest OS version a while back, but didn't offer many details in terms of consumer experience. More specifically, Microsoft held a business-focused Windows 10 preview event back in September, but offered little information regarding the user interface improvements, the consumer experience, and others such.

The Jan. 21 event aims to unveil the Consumer Preview of Windows 10, and the company is also expected to detail a number of exciting features.

Windows 10 is expected to include a new Start menu, an advanced new browser called Spartan, better integration into the Windows Phone and Xbox platforms, and more. The new OS is also rumored to bring Cortana to the desktop, which would make Microsoft's digital assistant the first of its kind to expand beyond the mobile realm.

Moreover, Microsoft also aims to unify its platforms with Windows 10, enabling the development of apps that work across tablets, phones, and PCs alike, instead of being optimized for a specific form factor. Wednesday's Windows 10 event should address much more than the desktop, and the tech world is already excited to see what's next.

Because not everyone is able to attend Microsoft's Windows 10 event in person, the company promised to live-stream the whole thing. Interested observers can watch the event here, starting with 9:00 AM PT, 12:00 PM ET, to check out the latest announcements from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and other company executives. Those who can't watch the live-stream either, meanwhile, will be able to watch the full video at the same link, as Microsoft will add it a few hours after the event.

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