Microsoft Windows 10 in testing for devices with 512MB of RAM, including Lumia 520

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 will come to as many Lumia smartphones as possible, even those with only 512MB of RAM.

When Microsoft announced its new Windows 10 operating system (OS) a few months ago, the company said it wanted to unify its platforms, offering one OS for all form factors. This means that instead of having Windows Phone, Windows RT, and the full-fledged Windows as three separate platforms, Microsoft will shove all of them under the same Windows 10 umbrella. The OS will adjust depending on the device in use, which should make things easier for everyone.

As always, the rumor mill started buzzing in anticipation, especially when it came to smartphones that are currently running Windows Phone OS.

Previous reports have already indicated that Microsoft was planning to make a Window 10 Preview available for some devices with only 512MB of RAM, but at the same time some speculation suggested that only quad-core devices would be invited to the party. Needless to mention, such speculation sparked lots of concern.

The Nokia Lumia 520, for instance, proved to be the most popular Windows Phone device ever, but it has a dual-core processor under the hood. That sparked fears that the Lumia 520 would not be getting a taste of the latest Windows 10 OS, but Microsoft has now eased such concerns.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore has officially confirmed that the company is already testing Windows 10 on Lumia devices with 512MB of RAM or more, and the executive specifically mentioned the Nokia Lumia 520. This means that the popular handset should get Windows 10 after all, albeit it may not support all of the features that will be available for higher-end devices.

"Hey all: we ARE working on Win10 for 512MB, including 520. Our ambition is to make #Win10 available for these devices but features may vary," Belfiore announced in a post on Twitter late on Sunday, Feb. 8.

The major Windows 10 software update is expected to start rolling out to consumers later this year, binging notable changes, new features and improvements on all fronts. We'll keep you up to date as soon as more information becomes available, so make sure to check back.

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