New Moto Maker version with Moto 360 customization to launch in March

By April Taylor , Feb 28, 2015 08:00 AM EST

Motorola is reportedly getting ready to launch a new version of Moto Maker in March, adding the option to customize the Moto 360 smartwatch.

The Moto Maker customization tool from Motorola has proved to be a big hit, as many consumers appreciate having the chance to design their own device to better suit their tastes and preferences. The original Moto X, for instance, didn't come with top-notch specs and features, but drew lots of attention due to its unprecedented customization options.

So far, however, consumers have only been able to customize select Motorola smartphones through Moto Maker. The Moto 360 smartwatch, meanwhile, launched a while back with Android Wear on board and a highly-praised design. Motorola has been expected for a good while to add Moto 360 customization through Moto Maker, and the option will reportedly become available in March.

This means that Moto 360 shoppers will be able to customize the smartwatch through Moto Maker, similarly to how they would customize a Moto X, for instance. According to a new report from Wired, the new version of Moto Maker will allow customers to choose from a range of different customizations such as size, the color of the case, different watch bands, and so on. Moreover, customers will also be able to select a watch face from 11 different designs.

"You'll be able to choose from three watch casings: silver, black, and champagne gold. Then you'll choose a band, which comes in two sizes, in either leather or metal. (Motorola's careful to not designate the sizes "male" and "female," but that's obviously the idea.) Lastly, you can select one of 11 watch faces, picking the one that will appear the first time you turn your watch on. There are a couple of new watch faces, and Motorola finally offers the gorgeous single-link band it teased in its first promo video nearly a year ago," Wired explains.

Customization options through Moto Maker will likely make the sleek Moto 360 smartwatch even more appealing to prospective customers, and we can't wait for the option to go live. It remains unclear just when in March the new Moto Maker will become available, but we'll keep you up to date as soon as we hear more about it.

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