Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen cracks while bending like iPhone 6 Plus (VIDEO)

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge apparently bends under the same amount of pressure as the iPhone 6 Plus, but its screen doesn't make it in one piece.

When Apple launched its new-generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last September, it raised plenty of interest mainly due to the fact that the new smartphones finally boasted larger displays. The bigger iPhone 6 Plus phablet, however, soon went under fire for bending under normal circumstances, such as being held in a pants pocket. The whole world buzzed over what became known as the #bendgate fiasco, and Samsung, of course, was gloating to see its archrival in trouble.

If it's true that what goes around comes around, Samsung may learn it first hand now. The company recently launched its new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones with a new design and improved specifications, but the curved-edge model is again making some waves now.

After recent reports that some units of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge come with display quality issues, the curved-display smartphone is now the center of a new debacle.

The folks over at mobile protection company Square Trade have conducted new pressure tests to include the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and found that the smartphone bends just like the iPhone 6 Plus phablet. In addition to bending, however, the Galaxy S6 Edge also comes out of the test with a cracked screen along the edge, as you can see in the image above.

In other words, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is apparently just as bendy as the iPhone 6 Plus, but seems far more likely to crack under pressure. Both devices bent under 110 pounds of pressure.

The iPhone 6 Plus bent and continued to work, ultimately breaking under 179 pounds of pressure. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bent, cracked its screen, but continued to work as well under 110 pounds. Square Trade further pushed the Galaxy S6 Edge until the device broke apart under 149 pounds of pressure.

"Is this #bendgate 2? No, but for Samsung fans it may be worse: instead of a bent phone, they may have a pocket full of glass," notes the video commentator.

Check out the video below to see Square Trade's new pressure test.

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