How Playing Video Games Fight Dementia, Defy The Signs Of Aging

As technology continues to grow, so are video games -- more and more people are getting the hang of it. While playing the likes of "NBA 2k16" and "Grand Theft Auto" can be fun, in one way or another, it actually presents some serious health benefits.

According to Sky News, video games are now used to battle certain diseases, one of which is the infamous dementia (a sickness that once struck the great President Ronald Reagan). But of course, it will not be an easy endeavor.

Nonetheless, among the popular mobile video games today, "Sea Quest Hero," is believed to be the key. By playing it, researchers from the University College London will be able to understand the complexity of the human brain and how it navigates.

Video games such as "Sea Quest Hero" will be utilized in gathering massive information from healthy brains. The aforementioned educational institution is aiming to establish and determine what a person's normal behavior is.

Since video games stimulate navigation, the researchers will reportedly "crunch through that data" as well as benchmark how gamers navigate themselves all throughout the game.

It should be noted that early symptoms of dementia include inability to grasp spatial awareness and difficulty in navigating familiar locations. Hence, the study about video games could greatly help in fighting the said illness.

While this could be a new or soon-to-be discovery, video games have since been an indispensable tool. As what Newsweek reports, playing video games can activate one's mind and body. It even expedites social connectedness.

Sure, video games are something that adults should not be really obsessed about; however, it actually makes them young or defy the effects of aging. The idea is that while it can prove to be a complexity to older people, they can actually benefit from it. The amount of information they have to amass can help better their cognitive functioning and release stress.

Video games can help them become more aware of their surroundings, as their brains start cycling information. Unlike when adults are seated on bench or watching their favorite TV shows, video games can be a great way to help them conquer social isolation as well as other age-related illnesses.

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