OpTic Gaming Endorses Turtle Beach Tournament Headset in eSports

Turtle Beach and OpTic Gaming have made an interesting business partnership. The former has teamed up with the popular eSports team in promoting a new gaming headset.

According to Venture Beat, OpTic Gaming will now be wearing the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset in every eSports competition such as "Halo," "Call Of Duty" and "Counter Strike: Global Offensive," among others. The partnership only goes to show how successful the industry has been.

The team's manager, Hector Rodrigues, admitted that the first gaming headset he ever used was the Turtle Beach X1. "Now you fast forward ten years and here we are," he said. Rodrigues claimed that one of their contracts was nearing to an end. Thus, they wanted to ensure that they "get the best headset out there" and that they are only using the finest ones.

The American sound card and headset company started designing the Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset in 2013. When the eSports industry bloomed, it decided to observe the needs of both hardcore and professional gamers in terms of the gaming audio, communication and overall flexibility and comfort.

Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset is specifically designed for definite audio performance. Its weight and fit are crafted scientifically. The headset comes with the ComfortTec Fit Technology, as reported by Polygon. With its various adjustment points, it offers a more personalized touch and fit.

It also includes the Aerofit Ear Cushions, which stay cool while in the heat of battle. Heck, it even comes with a robust ProSpecs Glasses Relief System -- a technology that makes the wearing very comfortable for players who wear glasses.

The company is heavily convinced that every gamer in the industry will purchase it, especially with OpTic Gaming endorsing the product. As for the price, it starts at a retail price of $199.99. Those who are interested in a noise-cancelling tournament mic (equipped with a system that can filter out surrounding noise and emphasize the speaker) can buy it separately at $39.99.

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