'League Of Legends' Trailer & News: New Champ Taliya Revealed; Game Creator Riot Games Imposes Lifetime Ban On Streamer Tyler1

For the "League Of Legends" fans, Riot Games has some interesting treat! The video game publisher has added a new champion in the name of Taliyah, a character equipped with some Earth-bending abilities. Meanwhile, a livestreamer has reportedly been banned due to toxic behavior.

According to Kotaku, Riot Games has released a teaser video featuring the new champ. The said video has already acquired a whopping 2 million views. And if there is one thing that fans and gamers alike have noticed, the new hero looks like one of the characters from "Avatar: The Last Airbender."

Taliyah is believed to be an expert in movements, positions and ground manipulations. She has the ability to turn any area into her own working ground (which will last for a few minutes), allowing her to move faster.

The new "League Of Legends" champ also has the skills akin to that of Vel'Koz's knock up, The only difference, however, is that hers has a longer delay. And whenever she is able to pick up a spot, she can knock anyone standing in front of her.

Furthermore, Taliyah can make any boulders appear like tiny bits of stones as she can flip them over with no sweat. After which, whoever is left will be dealing with massive damages. Clearly, such ability can be utilized as a wave clear and burst in any team fights.

In related news, SiliconANGLE reports that Riot Games has just recently banned a player for toxic behavior. The said player is a well-known livestreamer called Tyler 1. The ban goes to an extent of a lifetime and that even if he, in whatever circumstances, create new accounts, they will as well be banned.

The company said that it does not condone gamers who "go out of their way to continue ruining games for the community." The decision to hold Tyler1, as well as his would-be "League Of Legends" account indefinitely, is a result of its promise to back up players from "genuine jerk."

The banned user released a video as a response to the company's issued statement. For him, they should have done it before -- "a lot sooner" in particular. He even went on to say that Riot's decision to ban him is primarily due to his popularity as a streamer, not merely because of the "severity of his behavior." 

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