'Dishonored 2' Gameplay, Release Date & News: Switching Emily, Corvo In Missions Not Happening

"Dishonored 2" is just around the block, as Bethesda's sequel to the massive hit 2012 game is fast approaching. And yes -- the highly anticipated action-adventure video game has an official release date already. It is expected to arrive November this year! So what should gamers expect particularly on its gameplay?

In E3 2015, Bethesda revealed its upcoming releases -- namely "Elder Scrolls Legends," "Fallout Shelter" and "Battlecry," among others. However, gamers and fans alike were much more eager to hear their plans regarding "Dishonored 2" release date.

According to PC Advisor, during the said conference, the company announced the official "Dishonored 2" release date -- Spring 2016 supposedly. But obviously, the season arrived, and the game is nowhere to be found. It is believed that the sequel suffered major issues akin to most blockbuster games, and thus the "Dishonored 2" release date has been moved.

Fortunately, Bethesda reportedly confirmed that it will arrive in the UK on November 11 this year. Many believed that the game will be the company's flagship this 2016 and that gamers should not expect "Elder Scrolls" to hit the shelves anytime soon.

GameInformer, on the other hand, reports about the sequel's gameplay, as well as the level of design it has. Arkane Studio's lead designer Dinga Bakaba and creative director Harvey Smith talked about how they have given more emphasis to player customization in hopes to acquire a bolder approach compared to the first installment.

Bakaba shared about how he wanted "Dishonored 2" to be more sophisticated, especially in terms of gameplay and features. Meanwhile, Smith said that Emily Kaldwin will take the center stage and that gamers will surely love the workarounds (abilities and improved stealth options, among others) they did to her.

It should be noted that in the first game, users are allowed to switch characters between Emily and Corvo Attano -- the latter being the guard turned assassin. However, in the sequel, the character they choose in the start will be the character they will be playing throughout the game. So yeah, switching characters between missions in the game is not going to happen.

For those who cannot wait to get hold of the game, "Dishonored 2" can now be preordered. The Amazon price starts at £34.85 ($50.48) for the PC version, while both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox prices start at £44.85 ($64.96).        

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