'League Of Legends' News: New Champion Taliyah Skills Spotlight; Freljord Skin Adds Icy Effects, Makes Her A Reindeer Kidnapper

A new champion has arrived in the "League Of Legends" world -- Taliyah, that is. And while most fans are pleased to have a new playable character, the reception is quite a mix. So what should gamers really expect from the new hero? And is that a baby reindeer she is holding?

"League Of Legends" new champion Taliyah is a formidable addition, particularly as a mid-lane champion given her special ability Weaver Wall. According to GameNGuide, the new champ does not only have an increased speed, but she also has a powerful threaded volley capabilities.

Taliyah's so-called Seismic Shove can be very lethal to anyone standing in front of her. Heck, she can even make it more painful by dropping lots of explosive boulders, thanks to her move called the Unraveled Earth. The "League Of Legends" new champion Taliyah is indeed the kind of woman no guy should make fun of.

Taliyah's moves are akin to that of a double-edged sword -- they can be both beneficial (for her teammates) and detrimental to those who will stand against her. Moreover, she is said to have the capability to interact with other champions in the game.

Meanwhile, Twinfinite reports that the "League Of Legends" new champion Taliyah will have a purchasable skin called "Freljord Skin." And while it gives her added icy effects -- specifically on her abilities -- it also seems to make her appear as a reindeer kidnapper. But hey, that does not mean she is a bad girl, right?

Lots of "League Of Legends" fans have been comparing Taliyah to the popular TV show "Avatar," as her physical appearance seems to suggest so. The character's designer, Daniel Klein, was quick to react against the minor criticisms that his champion has received.

Klein explained via Twitter that Taliyah is a young, beautiful woman who has been struggling with an enormous "elemental power." She is torn between "protecting her loved ones" from the dangers of an ancient power and the fact that her gifts can eventually hurt them.

Despite her Avatar-like appearance, there is no doubt that Taliyah will be a powerful control mage in the game. She has every potential of becoming a gank expert. 

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