Nissan LEAF News And Updates: Production Ready To Roll; Tesla’s Model 3 Gets Left Behind?

Nissan LEAF news and updates revealed that the EV company is ready to roll. Along those lines, notions of Tesla Model 3 getting left behind in production rises and the competition for dominance escalates.

Nissan is celebrating its flagship EV. It stands out that there are 50,000th European-built Nissan LEAF ready to roll off the production line, 3 years after the brand introduced electric vehicle and battery manufacturing to Europe and built at Nissan's flagship plant in Sunderland. It is the first time a European carmaker has built 50,000 electric vehicles, alongside the batteries that power them, reports Car Dealer Magazine.

Moreover, the silver, Tekna-grade Nissan LEAF is destined for a customer in France while the European-built Nissan LEAFs are currently exported to 23 global markets, covering Western Europe and other destinations as diverse as Argentina, Iceland, Israel and Taiwan, as noted by the same post.

In addition, the production line of the Nissan LEAF and its other segments such as the batteries first touched the U.K.'s soil in 2013 under the management of David Cameron, and it has propelled the availability of 2,000 jobs at Nissan and its U.K. suppliers as well.

The milestone is a great feat for Nissan LEAF and even its constituents see its impact as well. To prove the latter, Paul Willcox, chairman of Nissan Europe, said, "What Nissan is doing today with electric vehicle technology is more advanced than any other car manufacturer. This milestone is another first for Nissan and for our team in Sunderland. No other brand has Nissan's experience or expertise in both battery and vehicle production, and I'm thrilled that over 50,000 customers in Europe share our vision for a zero-emission future."

While Transport minister Andrew Jones said, "This major milestone is great news for Nissan and yet another example of Britain leading the way in developing cleaner vehicle technology, which is good for the environment and supports jobs and growth. Our goal is for nearly every car to be zero-emission by 2050 and we are investing £600 million in electric vehicles to make this a reality."

As Nissan LEAF makes its mark in history, Tesla's Model 3 is awaiting its turn to shine. However, there are rising speculations that Tesla will need to counter the unprecedented demand of the Model 3, according to iTech Post. According to the same report, "Dreams and visions are good, but it seems for Tesla CEO Elon Musk, his aspirations have been speculated to lead the company to demise and destruction specially for the Model 3, Model S and Model X legacies."

Although these are just speculations, it remains uncertain on whether Tesla Model 3 will get left behind by Nissan LEAF. However, it is irrefutable that Nissan LEAF and its production line is now ready roll, strengthening the flagship with the release of the 50,000th European-built Nissan LEAF.

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