Amazon Sells 'Fallout 4' At Incredibly Low Price; Xbox One Users Can Now Test 'Far Harbor' Mod Features

For those gamers and fans alike, who have yet to acquire "Fallout 4" from Bethesda, good news -- Amazon has an offer they cannot simply refuse. They can now purchase the popular open-world role-playing video game for as low as $29!

Yes, that is right. According to Gamespot, fans simply have to make the purchase from Amazon. And make no mistake -- the price is definitely right especially if it is already a physical copy of "Fallout 4" for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

The titular online store has not released an official announcement as to how long the deal will last. Hence, for people who are interested, it might be a good idea to head out to Amazon as soon as they can.

The new offer is said to have arrived a week prior to the release of "Fallout 4 Far Harbor" expansion, which will be released on May 19. The upcoming content is akin to that of the Maine's Bar Harbor, only that it is fictional of course.

It is worth noting that "Fallout 4 Far Harbor" is deemed as the largest landform Bethesda has ever released as a downloadable content (DLC).

As for Xbox One owners, they can already sign up so as to test the new "Fallout 4" mods feature. Unfortunately, for PlayStation 4 gamers, they will have to wait a little bit, as the said mod will only be made available for them on June.

Also part of the Amazon deal are "Madden 17 Gronk Edition" and the "Alien Hunter" DLC for "XCOM 2," as reported by IGN. The former is locked with a 20 percent discount, but only if pre-ordered, while the latter can also be purchased with a 20 percent discount.

Looks like these Amazon offers are so interesting they should not be resisted. Well, for gamers who have yet to own "Fallout 4" and others, it is better to visit the online store now.

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