Who Wants Nissan Leaf Retrofitted To Drift Just Like The Supercars In ‘Fast And Furious’ Movies?

The Nissan Leaf may be known as an EV car that shouts green everywhere it goes. There are rising queries on whether the Nissan Leaf can drift in the same manner as supercars in the "Fast and Furious" movies once it is retrofitted.

The Nissan Leaf in all of its essence may not be a supercar. It may not run the mileage that most sports cars are famed for. Furthermore, it might even lack the elements to make a drift once in a while. However, trying out is never a bad thing. In a post by Car Buzz, it has speculated the possibility that by incorporating tweaks and turns, it can ultimately drift on the road.

The journey to affirming if the Nissan Leaf can drift began with Autocar's Matt Prior. He hypothesizes and compared the 101-horsepower FWD electric car from Nissan and low-horsepower FWD car to drift at all in the racetrack.

The trick is with tray sliding and this is when the driver engages the hand brake with plastic trays underneath the wheels, allowing an FWD car to drift, and with this trick in mind, Autocar fitted a pair of plastic tires to the back of the Leaf, and although these is a cheat, the results are quite spectacular, reports the same post.

On a different note, according to iTech Post, Nissan Leaf has increased its productions rendering stability for the company. The massive production that has enclosed Europe signifies the strong presence of the leaf in the region.

The cars seen in the "Fast and Furious" movies have always depicted drifting as part of the game, but it is a feat that can only be done if the car is retrofitted for it. As for the Nissan Leaf, the idea might be possible but in an overall setting, the segment is still not designed to bring the EV car to the world of supercars.

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