Why 'Street Fighter V' Is Terrible; Capcom Under Scrutiny For Rejecting Pornographic Sponsors?

In the past, fans were eagerly waiting for "Street Fighter V" from Capcom. Everyone was just so stoked. However, when it finally hit the shelves, it did not live up to the expectations. It arrived half-baked, as the game did not include the standards fans were expecting it to have.

"Street Fighter V" was released some time in February. Ever since then, Capcom unleashed various updates in hopes to acquire boatloads of profits. But despite all of these, fans have gradually noticed the void. The studio, in one way or another, released the game even when it was not finished.

And sure enough, as reported by Den of Geek, Capcom has seen a huge plummet in terms of earnings. "Street Fighter V" only reportedly managed to sell less copies compared to what the company originally projected. Capcom expected a figure of 2 million, but only 1.4 million copies were made as of the last week of March.

Sure, 1.4 million is still a huge number; however, when a franchise as popular as "Street Fighter" makes such, it certainly rings the alarm. Reports suggest that the game's lack in terms of content -- the story mode being one -- is primarily the reason behind its failure.

Nonetheless, Capcom is said to release a complete package, which will feature brand new characters and an appropriate story mode, come June. But then again, it is still the fans who will dictate the fate of "Street Fighter V" as soon as the day arrives.

Meanwhile, Capcom is again under scrutiny, as it decided to reject adult content-sponsored participants from joining Capcom Pro Tour, according to PCGamesN. Team YP, as the name suggests, is affiliated to YouPorn and thus has been removed from all broadcast events from ESL.

The recent Capcom Pro Tour rule change has particularly affected Team YP's Valentin "Valmaster" Petit, the team's "Street Fighter V" player. It is worth noting, though, that adult content sponsors have been banned from several eSports events over the course of years. However, Capcom is the very first publisher to have outspokenly claim that the said sponsors will no longer be part of such.

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