Reddit Website Finally Adds Embedding Feature For Third-Party Online Sites

Social networking and news site Reddit has made a major change on its site as the users can finally embed Reddit discussion threads on other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. For the past years, Reddit users could only use hyperlink on the threads or take page screenshots.

The San Francisco, California-based website said that it already let users embed threads to strings of third-party websites, such as media websites, blog sites as well as other sites, Slash Gear reported. It covers posts with videos, text, images and GIFs that are on Reddit page.

Third-party website users can click on the embedded Reddit content, which will lead them to the site's thread. They can also join in the discussion threads. Reddit embedding is as simple as posting tweets on Twitter and other sites. Just copy the embedding code and paste it within the article.

Aside from the much better visual experience, the major change also includes a wider engagement and interaction on users' posts. The site's head of journalism and media, Mark Luckie, said Reddit users can get more "robust conversation," according to Tech Times. "The great thing about Reddit content is that it's usually longer, it's more insightful, more in-depth than you'll see on other social platforms," Luckie stated.

However, as of now, Reddit only selected a few third-party sites for their new feature. On the link, it contains subreddit name, the title of the post, date of the post was shared, points, which show its popularity, as well as the comments. On the embedded post, people will see the options, in which they will choose if they want to be taken directly to the Reddit site or not.

The embedding is not currently working on all websites. However, with the site's latest feature, Reddit said that it will launch more tools in the future with its media affiliates.

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