'Fallout 4: Far Harbor' Review: Packed With Obvious Faults, But Still Worthy To Spend On

Needless to say, "Fallout 4: Far Harbor" is the largest expansion released in the history of Bethesda. But, of course, size does not always reciprocate better reviews and/or good impressions from fans. So what does this DLC offer?

The franchise has since captivated the hearts of many, as proof of how successful the series has been. However, if "Fallout 4: Far Harbor" is to be reckoned, it weighs heavily on two factors: One being able to live up to its expectations and second being a game that still has a number of disappointments.

According to Metro, the fog effect in "Fallout 4: Far Harbor" plays the main villain. Somehow, in one way or another, it has affected the game's frame rate. If the game did not sit smoothly in PlayStation 4, now, owners reportedly complain about the fog bringing stutters and stops.

Sure, the game's fog-swamped island is still acceptable; however, most will agree that it is not entirely a great addition to the game. One can take the similarity to the addition of brand new armors, weapons and monsters, which are not really a new thing.

HardcoreGamer, on the other hand, notes that the puzzle sequence in "Fallout 4: Far Harbor" is also among the noticeable flaws in the game -- it is somewhat akin to that of "Minecraft's." It is worth noting that in order for gamers to be able to acquire DiMA's memories, they have to go get a computer that is deeply hidden in the Child of Atom facility.

Granted, this puzzle-like sequence can bring players to the most important elements of the DLC's history; however, it takes a huge amount of hours to finish and it is not the kind of content that a "Fallout" game should have. Simply put, the game would be better off without it.

Overall, "Fallout 4: Far Harbor" is worth every penny spent. Sure, it consists of evident faults, but it is not right to judge the game based on them.

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