Verizon Strike Update: Tech Deals With Boomerang Effect; Tech Giant's Last Resort Is Hiring Temporary Employees?

Verizon strike may have impeded the daily needs and financial stability of the union workers but it is also undeniable that the tech firm is now experiencing the boomerang effect of the strike. It has been noted that the tech giant's last resort is to hire temporary workers to keep the operations running.

It is undeniable that Verizon pretended to be strong despite the massive strike that it has experienced for almost 7 weeks now. The company is facing tremendous pressure specially in keeping the operations afloat and running.

State regulators have delayed an investigation into Verizon and its investment in its landline network until Verizon and its unions end their current contract standoff, reports Timesunion.

Since about 38,000 unionized Verizon workers throughout the Northeast, including 800 in the Capital Region, went on strike last month and owing to a failed contract agreement with Verizon, it has led to more tumultuous times for the tech giant.

Verizon was scheduled to submit its first responses this month in a state Public Service Commission review on how it is maintaining and investing in its copper and fiber optic network in the state, but it asked to delay the deadline until after the strike is over because its non-union employees are busy filling in for the striking workers, according to the same post.

The standoff was further prolonged, thus rendering Verizon more unprecedented outcomes. iTech Post relayed that the union workers of Verizon have stood their ground, and they are not backing down until Verizon meets their requirements or better yet gain better bargain.

It is undeniable that the Verizon strike indicated the decision of the union workers into not backing down if the tech company continues to outsource. And even with the White House's involvement, there are no certainties that the rift will end soon enough, as cited in the same post.

As Verizon enlisted the service of temporary workers, it could be speculated that Verizon is finally feeling the effect and impact of the strike. A boomerang effect has been laid against the tech giant. Even though the firm resorted to temporary hiring, it remains unsettled on how far the operations would fare and whether it would attain stability in the long run.

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