Verizon Strike Update: Union Workers Not Backing Down; White House Strikes With A Buzz, Demands End To Tyranny?

The recent news regarding Verizon and the union workers on strike has led to many unprecedented concerns. The issues pertaining to the rising complaints have led to the involvement of the White House and its great oval office. Along that line, notions of the tyranny and the division ending with the involvement of nation's seat of government arise.

As the Verizon labor stoppage of 2016 drags into its fifth week and nearly 40,000 workers continue their protest efforts, 88 U.S. Congress members have issued a plea for the two sides to end the strike, and on Thursday, the legislators issued a joint statement about the Verizon labor negotiation, reports Hoboken Patch.

As Congress demands the rapport between two segments to get better, it appears that it might be easier said than done. Although none contests Verizon's skills and capability to render services in the telecommunications industry, the ongoing Verizon strike has led the congress to take part in.

"Verizon workers build, install and maintain the state-of-the-art FiOS broadband system, and ensure that the millions of customers still reliant on the copper network continue to receive high quality service. In addition, Verizon Wireless retail store workers and technicians work in one of the most profitable sectors of the economy. We are troubled that the lack of a negotiated labor agreement could increase the likelihood that good jobs will be offshored to the Philippines, Mexico and other locations overseas or outsourced to low-wage, non-union domestic contractors. And we are concerned that Verizon wireless retail workers, who joined the union back in 2014, still have not been able to negotiate improvements in their wages, benefits and working conditions," according to a written statement released by the 88 congress as cited by the same post.

The statement further added, "We urge the parties to negotiate in good faith and agree to a fair contract. We firmly believe it is in the public interest to protect middle class jobs, reduce outsourcing and off shoring, and ensure high quality telecommunications services to the public."

The decision to ensure that the rift is settled is largely due to the awareness that other segments and enterprises have been affected by the strike as well. A former post from iTech Post has already revealed that the tech giant has already lost big time, owing to the massive unrest from its union workers.

It stands to reason that if Verizon strike persists, it might ultimately bring negative downturns for the company and in the end decapitate its overall performance and operations. It is undeniable that the Verizon strike indicated the decision of the union workers into not backing down if the tech company continues to outsource. Even with the White House's involvement, there are no certainties that the rift will end.

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