‘Attack On Titan’ News, Updates: Koei Tecmo Affirms Titan’s Presence In E3 2016; Nioh And A Mystery Game Join The Crowd?

Koei Tecmo has confirmed the release of "Attack On Titan" game into the limelight of the forthcoming E3 2016. Also, it has also been noted that the "Titan" would be released alongside Nioh and a mystery game that has not been named just yet.

To prove the latter, the E3 2016 is only a few weeks away, and publishers are quickly confirming the types of games they will be bringing to the show. Among those is Koei Tecmo. For one, Nioh is being developed exclusively for the PS4, and just came off a highly successful alpha test and Team Ninja will be showing off never-before-seen content, including many of the changes made to the game based on the results from the alpha test, reports Hardcore Gamer.

The second game is "Attack on Titan," which launched earlier this year on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita and for the North American release, Koei Tecmo is developing Xbox One and PC versions to along with the three PlayStation versions, reports the same post. Meanwhile, as for the final game, Koei Tecmo has not revealed any top details regarding the mysterious game except for the fact that the Omega Force is the confirmed developer of the game.

Moreover, "With an original IP from an extensive, all-star development team, and a Titan-sized action game based on the acclaimed anime, Koei Tecmo America is proud to demonstrate our continued commitment to bringing top notch gaming experiences to our fans," said Amos Ip, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Koei Tecmo America. "We can't wait for attendees to get their hands on two of this year's biggest action titles, and we look forward to their reaction when we unveil an upcoming project that we're incredibly excited to be working on."

On a different note, it is irrefutable how strong the legacy of the "Attack On Titan" truly is. Along that line, a separate report by iTech Post mentioned how the manga segment has been delayed, and it has caused much dismay to the enthusiasts of the manga franchise.

Nevertheless, with the new "Attack On Titan" game underway, gaming enthusiasts can enjoy the upcoming game to the fullest. Koei Tecmo has affirmed the "Attack On Titan" game to appear in E3 2016, along with Nioh. But it does not mean that it is the end of the line for Koei Tecmo, given the fact that there still is the mystery game waiting to be revealed.

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