Fallout 4': Xbox Gets Mod Support Next Week, Limited to 2GB

The post-apocalyptic game, "Fallout 4," will finally be getting mod support on the Xbox One next week and is confirmed to have a size limit of 2GB, according to a recently concluded Bethesda live stream on Twitch.

Bethesda showed off its latest update to the Xbox One port during the live stream. Xbox One players can now find the "Mods" menu, link their Bethesda.net accounts, browse and install custom-made mods of their choice.

Players can browse through the Xbox One mod selection ahead of the launch by visiting Bethesda.net. There are currently 682 mods available for the Xbox One, including Snap n Build, which allows players to build more settlement structures and an Alien Assault Rifle.

Bethesda also confirmed that players can only download a total of 2GB worth of mods on their consoles. Players who would want to download more mods can only delete existing ones to free up space.

When using "Fallout 4" mods on the Xbox One, a new save is created with the [Modded] tag added to the save file name. This way, the player can revert back to the non-mod save file if something goes wrong or if the game crashes at some point. Gamespot reported that the Xbox One crashed one time during Bethesda's live stream.

Although PC mods have been around since "Fallout 4" was launched, it was only last month that Bethesda announced official support for them by creating a friendlier mod interface for the game. The developer also said that it has plans to update and evolved "Fallout 4" modding in the future and encouraged fans to give feedback via the official forums.

"Fallout 4" mod support will go live for the Xbox One on Tuesday, May 31. Playstation 4 owners are also expected to receive mod support on their consoles sometime next month.

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