'Overwatch' Review: Runs Well Varied Hardware, Balanced Characters

Prior to its release, "Overwatch" was among the highly anticipated titles this year. Albeit speculated, Blizzard's newly released multiplayer first-person shooter game hit the market by storm. So what made the game a huge success in the gaming community?

When "Overwatch" open beta was unleashed, a staggering figure of 9.7 million players joined and tested what the game was bound to offer. And take note: such figure is twice what "Destiny" acquired and more than triple to "The Division's." Well, this only shows that Blizzard knows how to make a good, if not entirely the best, video games.

According to Kotaku, one of the best features of "Overwatch" is its capability to run well on any given hardware. It looks good even on low-end gear, and it can also be quite impressive when played on high-end hardware.

Blizzard's known strategy of providing a handful of tweakable options (even on previous titles) has sown great results. And indeed, this has helped "Overwatch" big time. With such options, playing the hit game in various array of systems is not a burden.

"Ovewatch" is, in one way or another, an impressive competitive real-time strategy game. It offers a total of 21 heroes, all of which are divided equally between offense and defense, support and tank classes.

Despite the seemingly cliché hero personality they have, according to PC Gamer, "Overwatch" characters pride in having distinctive and varied movements between them. From Lucio's Wallrun to Genji's Vertical Scaling to Mercy's Glide, among others -- they all have movements and/or skills that are somewhat distinctive to themselves alone.

Like any other game, learning how to play the various "Overwatch" characters is not an overnight process. It is meant to be learned in a definite amount of time. And while such process can be infuriating or troublesome to players, Blizzard wittingly provided the balance the game should have.

Overall, "Overwatch" is the kind of game that will continue to be a huge thing even the coming days or so. And indeed, Blizzard has shown what kind of a developer it is -- undoubtedly one of the biggest players in the industry.

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